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Post by Eorl @ 10:29am 24/03/12 | 5 Comments
Rumours are flying wild today that publisher Bethesda has cancelled their upcoming FPS title Prey 2, which follows on from the original source developed by Human Head Studios. Zenimax Media, who controls Bethesda Softworks, took control of the IP in late 2009, and since then it seemed a sequel was being worked on by Human Head Studios and all was well. However according to PS Focus, the title has been canned and announcement will be coming next week.

Nothing has been confirmed yet, however Eurogamer is reporting that a Prey 2 presentation was supposed to be at the recent San Francisco GDC earlier this month, but was subsequently pulled out a few weeks before. This could be due to many things, and not just the rumoured cancellation, however it doesn't really help.

You can check out the game page which has all the latest news, screenshots and trailers. Keep an eye out for more as it comes to us, and hopefully it is just a rumour gone wild, as Prey 2 was shaping up to be a nice looking sequel.

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Latest Comments
Posted 11:59am 24/3/12
This is just bizarre. There was so much enthusiasm around this awesome looking game, why on earth would they can it?
Posted 12:53pm 24/3/12
Heh i remember the original Preys vapourware status then cancellation then BAM! here is Prey! and it wasn't too bad at all. A bit strange that they would up and cancel something that looked like it was fairly well developed.
Posted 01:48pm 24/3/12
I hope not, everything I saw of this game was looking awesome.
Posted 02:57pm 24/3/12
I remember being excited reading about prey a while back but when I saw the screenshots I lost all interest.. Just didn't look fun :/
Posted 05:17pm 24/3/12
hope its not canned, prey was awesome, on par with the first dead space
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