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Post by Dan @ 04:24pm 23/03/12 | 4 Comments
Brick and Mortar retailer GAME has been in the news quite a bit lately as the UK company's domestic business flounders. The latest development has seen GAME UK entering administration and although signs are pointing to an eventual recovery, a positive outcome for their many employees or indeed any consumers with outstanding orders or credit is far from certain.

The Australian stores however, may potentially avoid peril entirely as MCVPacfic reports that Game Australia's operation intends to secure their own financial backing to support themselves independently of their uncertain parent company:
Paul Yardley, MD of GAME Australia, confirmed exclusively to MCV that: "GAME’s businesses around the world are going through a challenging time. Regarding our business locally, Australia is a separate legal entity and business from the UK, with a separate management team. The choices that GAME’s UK entities are making don’t necessarily impact us here."

"In case the UK entities do go into administration, the Australian management team and I are working hard on a number of viable alternative options for our business."

Yardley also confirmed to MCV that GAME Australia has been actively seeking investment either to keep the company afloat in the short term or an expression of interest in a full acquisition.
Even though we're well aware that more and more of our astute readers are looking to online avenues for better value in game prices afforded by the high Australian dollar, it's good to see that the brick and mortar space for speciality gaming still has some competition left in it.


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Posted 04:26pm 23/3/12
Long as they stay open to ship my D3 CE I'm happy. Still though I like game even if their prices are slightly higher than JB and I use them to buy my CEs through.
Posted 04:37pm 23/3/12
yup, same as I DM. I hope they are stil around for my D3 CE as i dont want to miss out. Also GAME is usually my go to if I want day 1 local buy.
Posted 06:48pm 23/3/12
i work for game and we're all good. no worries on the aussie island atm.
Posted 05:32am 24/3/12
Is this only due to higher game prices here? higher profit margins mean they can actually stay afloat.
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