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Post by Dan @ 03:09pm 23/03/12 | 15 Comments
Upping the ante in PC gaming graphics once again, NVIDIA have launched their latest contender, giving retail branding to the tech formerly codenamed Kepler as the GeForce GTX 680. Early reports have the card selling out across most online US outlets (thanks DM), so it's probably going to be a while before these bad boys hit local Australian shelves, but in the mean time, you can read all about what makes them so appealing over on

In what looks to be one of the most significant steps forward in PC graphics hardware in a few years, the GTX 680 obviously doesn't just offer more grunt on a single card than its predecessors, there's a few cool new bits of tech to go with it. Chief among these is the card's improved power efficiency, meaning it can net you more frames on less juice. This is further leveraged with a new efficiency technique NVIDIA are called GPU boost, so when a game isn't using as much power as your card can draw, the system ramps up the cards clock speed to pump out more FPS.

There's also a few other tasty additions, so grab a bucket for your drool and hit the video below (or here for the HD video page) for a demonstration of some of the goodness.

Additionally, according to Shacknews, the GTX 680 is actually the card that Epic Games have been using to demo their incredibly impressive Samaritan demo, which reportedly runs in real time, only drawing 195 Watts, whereas it previously required three GTX 580s and an insane 732 Watts to run.


Latest Comments
Posted 03:30pm 23/3/12
went to get mine this morning... sold out... ><
Posted 03:44pm 23/3/12
Wow. That power thing is pretty awesome. The physics stuff is really cool; the shattering of those columns is amazing to think about that happening in real time in a busy action sequence. Bring on the future!@#
Posted 03:46pm 23/3/12
Hell yeh trog, If this out does the 590 which packs 2 gpu's, I cant wait to see the high end keplar card. wow.
Posted 03:58pm 23/3/12
depending on the application, it doesn't out do the 590 but matches it on some apps (benchmarking)

might be biased but its an indication at the very least - good upgrade for those with 480's or less or those going OS soon....
Posted 04:12pm 23/3/12
Yeah all the reviews i've read have it coming close to the 590 but not beating it. Which is crazy since it's a single card with a lower power draw. Can't wait to get one of these. Will be my first nvidia card since... I think the 9800, so awhile.
Posted 04:39pm 23/3/12
When can I get this, I've been waitingggg
Posted 05:53pm 23/3/12
Meh, still happy with my 580, doubt anything will tax it too heavily even after next console generation (5 years? lol).
Posted 06:16pm 23/3/12
my 570 will do for awhile
Posted 06:34pm 23/3/12
Posted 06:49pm 23/3/12
im content with getting a 580 soon but i think i will just go the whole hog and get the 680
Posted 07:04pm 23/3/12
im content with getting a 580 soon but i think i will just go the whole hog and get the 680

I think that's who they are targeting atm: people who don't really need it but have too much money on their hands.
Posted 08:56pm 23/3/12
...Think I'm finally ready to let go of my Gigabyte GTX 275 Super OC, heh.
Posted 09:01pm 23/3/12
The more displays off one card is a step in the right direction. Obviously eyefinity has been around for a while, but right now i need two cards in SLi to get the same effect. 3 monitors for gaming makes a whole lot of sense in so many games.
Posted 10:23pm 23/3/12
I agree with you Skythra, but to make it worth my time I need 3D monitors that do better than 1920x1080, Can't see that happening for at least another year.

Will pick up a 680 when I go state side in a couple of months. Hope the water blocks aren't too far away
Posted 11:41pm 23/3/12
Inno3D GTX 680: Built-in water cooling system,inno3d-gtx-680-built-in-water-cooling-system.aspx?utm_source=feed&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=Atomic+MPC+All+Articles+feed
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