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Kicking off 2022 in Games
Post by Dan @ 10:32am 23/03/12 | 8 Comments
VG247 have picked up on a recent trademark filing by Bethesda relating to the name Dawnguard for an upcoming videogame-related venture and as The Elder Scrolls series tends to have the most liberal use of the word "Dawn" out of all Beth's existing franchises speculation is all currently focused in that direction.

Realistically, it could be anything (or even nothing at all -- a mere name doesn't create a product), but the most credible guess that the Internet braintrust hsa to offer seems to be that it will be the first downloadable content for Skyrim. VG247 is leaning towards it having something to do with the Mythic Dawn -- the occult faction that helped open the dimensional gates in Oblivion -- but Skyrim has plenty of other references to Dawn, so if it is Skyrim related, our money is on it having something to do with Dawnstar, one of Skyrims Northern coastal cities and perhaps some kind of look into its past.

That said, we're really just taking shots in the dark like everyone else, but bring on more Tamriel Northlander adventures Bethesda.


Latest Comments
Posted 10:49am 23/3/12
Its Skyrim Coop!
Omnom Pylons
Posted 08:16pm 23/3/12
Dear god I hope that it's some Skyrim DLC/expansion and that it comes soon.

In the mean time I want them to fix the 'Blood on the Ice' quest. I still can't trigger it after the 1.5 patch.
Posted 08:30pm 23/3/12
Has anybody actually finished all the skyrim content? I finished the mages guild in the last few days, it was pretty bad, and buggy. Hoping to get back into it enough to try the assassin's guild one.

edit: Oh wow, the steam mods browser is sweet.
Posted 08:46pm 23/3/12
yeah finished all the main quests, all the side quests, collected all the dragon walls, the unusual gems, all the masks and started going dungeon to dungeon, town to town doing all the side quests (not the repeating fetch me a rabbit s***), only thing I didn't complete is blood on the ice, which is why I'm starting again, but not for awhile.
Posted 08:56pm 23/3/12
Hrm, looking at achievements, apart from marriage and stuff, I'm almost done. Unless some of those are companions quests, I think that there's only the brotherhood major questline to finish (then a few randos, like markath conspiracy). Maybe an expansion will be in order.

edit: 127 hours total, since November, heh.
Posted 11:29am 24/3/12
Yah. I've completed most of the content in 15fps since they took so long to patch it on ps3. Idiots
Posted 02:19pm 24/3/12
finished blades,bards college, thane in all holds, college of winterhold, thieves guild, companions, assassins brotherhood.

also have all shouts and all masks. charcter level 64 and have maxed these skills:
light armor
heavy armor

almost 100 in two hand and lock picking
Posted 06:46pm 24/3/12
I think I'm playing the game wrong compared to Fade2Black lol. None of my characters have got to lv35. I have smithing 100 on my current character, that is the highest on any of my characters.
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