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Post by Dan @ 09:34am 22/03/12 | 11 Comments
Ubisoft has released another tidy trailer for Far Cry 3, the upcoming first person shooter sequel, set to return players to the tropical environments that the series was originally known for.

For some reason today's video is being referred to by Ubisoft as the "first gameplay trailer", which is odd because we've already seen a bunch of gameplay, but this latest clip does indeed feature more in-game action.
Check out the action-packed shooter gameplay and immersive world of Far Cry 3 through the troubled eyes of Dr. Earnhardt, the island's resident "pharmacist." Use an arsenal of weapons, explosives and vehicles to fight against the island's ruthless and deranged inhabitants. Explore a stunning and treacherous environment, filled with diverse terrain, exotic creatures and mind-bending botanicals.

Far Cry 3. Far From Safe. Far From Sane.
More than anything else, let's just hope that the game's implied use of hallucinogenic drugs doesn't put it on the bad side of the Australian Classification Board. Games such as Blitz: The League and Fallout 3 were Refused Classification because of drug-use with a perceived benefit to the player, although in those cases Steroids and Morphine have real-world equivalents. Perhaps magic beans won't bother. Watch the embedded video below.

Far Cry 3 is due on PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 on September 6th 2012.

far cry 3trailerubisoft
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Latest Comments
Posted 10:25am 22/3/12
Damn sharks...
Posted 10:31am 22/3/12
Looks so freakin' good. Love how it's revisiting the tropical island setting. Far Cry 1 was awesome.
Posted 12:12pm 22/3/12
yah hope it doesn't cop a restriction coz of the evil druuuuuuuugz ;p
looks pretty rokn.
Posted 01:20pm 22/3/12
yah hope it doesn't cop a restriction coz of the evil druuuuuuuugz ;p
looks pretty rokn.

Yea but lets be honest, not a chance I'd buy it in Aus anyway. Also remains to be seen if it will have their stupid DRM.
Posted 01:47pm 22/3/12
Looks cool, awesome setting, but heavy on the scripted events. Can't stand those. Tripping balls looks fun tho.

If it has ubisofts usual DRM, then they will force me to obtain it through illegitimate means
Posted 02:44pm 22/3/12
This is how Lost should of been.
Posted 09:39pm 22/3/12
Heard about their DRM, so far I've avoid every title that has it and will continue to do so if this stupidity continues. Quite frankly, there are a huge plethora of excellent games abound to keep one happily entertained that aren't ruined this way. I prolly won't even notice a title like this disappearing into the virtual void due to this DRM crapolla.
Posted 09:44pm 22/3/12
graphics look s***. pc game ruined by consoles again
Posted 10:01pm 22/3/12
That old man reminded me of HL G-Man
Posted 10:08pm 22/3/12
Looks like its going to be fun but graphic wise it doesn't look any better than crysis 1. Shame since farcry and crysis were games that pushed the PC to the limits at the time. Will pick it up for $35 at most from my regular cd key store.

EDIT - If it has the DRM of locking in your hardware so you can't change graphics cards without rebuying the game though... well f*** ubisoft.

last edited by DM at 22:08:29 22/Mar/12
Posted 12:15am 23/3/12
Any chance AGN can find out if this game will launch with bulls*** DRM?
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