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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 05:03pm 21/03/12 | 7 Comments
So while out at GDC this year, we had a chance t check out another MMO entering the populated space, only this one has something fairly unique up its sleeve in terms of both its modern setting and the addition of an extra faction for three entirely, as opposed to the usual two.

On top of that, we also spoke to the game's content designer, Joel Bylos, who is an Aussie expat, and friend of the site. He told us that Funcom has been in "talks" with Telstra/BigPond in regards to local servers, as well as giving up a host of other information including acknowledging where Age of Conan failed, how TSW differs, and what's in store for storytelling in "next-gen" MMOs in the future.

Click here for the full interview feature.

mmothe secret worldbigpondage of conanfuncomaustralian local servers
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Latest Comments
Posted 05:27pm 21/3/12
Can not wait. Faceman should definitely play this one.
Posted 05:35pm 21/3/12
Hahaha good interview Steve, I'm absolutely fanging for this.

Hearing that it has a June release has almost made me wet my pants in anticipation. I really hope they get an Aussie server up and running though.
Posted 05:42pm 21/3/12
I'm interested to see how this one turns out, what they are trying to do will be very hard to pull off.
Posted 06:15pm 21/3/12
Servers in New York... So East Coast servers only from my understanding at the moment ? Oh well - hope they do something down under then because screw playing on east coast servers.
Posted 08:14pm 21/3/12
Action and movement based gameplay on US east coast servers.... agree with Behub, Aus servers or GTFO.
Posted 11:29pm 21/3/12
Doesn't he know that Bigpond and Telstra are the same company? Without Aus/NZ servers they won't get people to leave SWToR, the difference between US and AU servers is amazing.
Posted 10:28am 22/3/12
With Guild wars 2 on the horizon, would be pretty hard for me to justify playing this.. but maybe, if it has Aussie servers I would try it out.
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