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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 12:45pm 20/03/12 | 3 Comments
Arkane Studios' first title developed under the Bethesda Softworks banner, Dishonored, is shaping up to be one of the most tantalising first-person action-adventure titles of 2012, and among company like BioShock Infinite, Prey 2, Metro: Last Light and Far Cry 3, to name but a few, that's no mean feat given the game is also a brand-new, original IP.

We've already had a decent look at the game from a preview session at QuakeCon last year, as well as being given the opportunity to sit down with Arkane's Raphaël Colantonio and Harvey Smith to discuss the game's direction, their creative development past (Arx Fatalis, System Shock, Deus Ex), and their thoughts on first-person gaming in the modern age.

Click the thumbnails below for a look at Dishonored's latest media.

dishonoredarkane studiosscreenshotsbethesda
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Latest Comments
Posted 01:25pm 20/3/12
i love the art style, but its going to be tough for them as its somewhat similar to Bioshock Infinite
Posted 01:36pm 20/3/12
Looks great, this game went off the scope for a while so good to see it is still being worked on. Now if only they would work on Arx Fatalis 2 :P
Posted 03:02pm 20/3/12
Now if only they would work on Arx Fatalis 2 :P

I got about three quarters of the way through the first one a year or two back, was pretty amazing.
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