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Post by Dan @ 03:14pm 19/03/12 | 19 Comments
Last week's long-awaited announcement of an official release date for Diablo 3 has a lot of people excited, but the game's monumentally high level of anticipation has to be somewhat intimidating for their competitors.

One of the most obviously affected studios would be independent developer Runic Games, who's 32 man team have been working on Torchlight 2 (a multiplayer sequel to their budget-priced dungeon crawler Torchlight) since 2008.

It's not a huge stretch to correlate Torchlight's success with a longing for more Diablo-style action (unfulfilled since the last D2 expansion in 2001) and with Torchlight 2 promising more of the same with added multiplayer, it was seen by a lot of fans as something that would tide them over until Diablo 3 arrived -- fans who are now concerned of the fate of the delayed indie game in the shadow of Blizzard's behemoth.

Responding to those concerns however, the reaction of Runic Games is anything but sour grapes, with the crew that includes several of the original developers of Diablo and Diablo II offering well-wishing words to the Blizzard team in a recent blog post.
Congratulations to the Diablo III team for announcing a release date! That's got to be a such a feeling of relief to be on the home stretch. We're excited to hear the news, and we can't wait to play.

To our fans:
We know a lot of you are worried about us. We've heard what you're saying, and sure we've had similar discussions. But we began making the first Torchlight in 2008 when development on Diablo III was already underway. We didn't let that be a reason that we couldn't make an RPG. We made the commitment to create a game we loved to play. That's what's important to us, and that's why we go to work every day.
Diablo III is due on PC on May 15th 2012. Torchlight 2 has yet to revise a new release date, with only "2012" as the current stated goal.

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Latest Comments
Posted 03:36pm 19/3/12
Like every other genre there are is more than enough room for more than 1 game.
Posted 03:47pm 19/3/12
Good to see they are not rushing it out the door to try and beat D3. IMO It will likely be better than D3 anyhow. Its on my buy radar.
Posted 04:21pm 19/3/12
T2 is def on my buy list. Bloody loved number 1 and the modding right out of the box is something to be commended. Such a great growing studio.
Posted 04:38pm 19/3/12
IMO It will likely be better than D3 anyhow.

hahahahaha.... hahahahahahahahahahahahaahahahahahahaha
Posted 05:39pm 19/3/12
32 man team is still considered indie? Crazy.

Actually how are these guys indie? They're owned by Perfect World. It's like saying Rare or Bungie (after microsoft bought them) is indie.
Posted 05:54pm 19/3/12
The saving grace for TL2 is they're keeping the same $20 price point I think. At that price, anyone who likes ARPG's will buy it as well as D3. Liked what I've seen from TL2 so far.
Posted 06:01pm 19/3/12
Greazy: Yeah, you're kind of correct. I'd forgotten Perfect World had purchased them and weren't just their publisher anymore, the definition is a bit grey though. Indie is a bit of a flexible term, developers like Epic Games and Valve Software are technically independent, and they employ hundreds of people.
Posted 06:04pm 19/3/12
I'll buy because of the first one which was a good effort and enjoyable to play,and as Zapo say's there's more than enough room for just 1 game.cheers

IMO It will likely be better than D3 anyhow.

hahahahaha.... hahahahahahahahahahahahaahahahahahahaha

Omnom Pylons
Posted 06:24pm 19/3/12
With Blizzards always online solution in D3 I won't be buying it.

If Torchlight 2 however doesn't require an internet connection I'll be buying that instead.
Posted 07:29pm 19/3/12
Runic Games has got the talent to make a great Action RPG, but to be a Diablo 3 beater? lol now I know some of you are just trolling or kidding yourselves.

I played both Fate and Torchlight and they are both good games, chances are I will buy TL2 but I'm fairly certain it will be a minor distraction and I'll go back to Diablo 3. Will be good to finally play Torchlight as a co-op game.
Posted 08:45pm 19/3/12

Good to see they are not rushing it out the door to try and beat D3. IMO It will likely be better than D3 anyhow. Its on my buy radar.


F*****g lol
Posted 10:09pm 19/3/12
yeeeaah. Maybe not better than D3 but still worth playing imo. Like everyone's said the first one was a lot of fun, and if it had multiplayer which TL2 has, it would've been reaaally good.
Posted 10:44pm 19/3/12
Looking forward to this even more since playing the D3 beta.
Posted 12:53am 20/3/12
u can realy tell the original diablo devs worked on torchlight, they just nailed the feel. more i see of d3 the less excited i get. but hell ill still buy both on day 1 ;P
Posted 12:56am 20/3/12
torchlight was fun but theyll have to do a LOT of work to make it competitive with these:


Ex-Titan Quest Devs

Posted 02:21am 20/3/12
thanks for posting those qmass.. lineage eternal looks amazing! some great concepts in there with the gesture inputs
Posted 03:22am 20/3/12
better video, though no subs - shows the epic scale of battles they are shooting for, looks insane.

Posted 09:16am 20/3/12
Man Lineage Eternal is shaping up to be awesome. Those right drag input methods are awesome, as well as the hook.
Posted 09:16am 20/3/12
I've already bought Grim Dawn / funding the development. It's made by the Iron Lore guys, Titan Quest and Immortal Throne.
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