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Post by Eorl @ 01:51pm 14/03/12 | 53 Comments
NCsoft has today unleashed a flurry of details about pre-ordering their upcoming MMO sequel Guild Wars 2, set to revolutionise the MMO market. A visually stunning MMO, Guild Wars 2 is set to offer players a huge new environment to play in as well as innovative combat mechanics, dynamic events and customised personal storytelling.
NCsoft will be offering two editions of Guild Wars 2, a Standard Edition and a Collectors Edition. The Standard Edition will be given just the game, however anyone that pre-orders from April 10th will receive guaranteed entry into all beta weekend events and a three-day head start prior to launch.

The Guild Wars 2 Collector’s Edition offers fans an unparalleled collection of physical content that goes beyond the game. The centerpiece of the Collector’s Edition is a detailed, hand-painted 10-inch statue of the bestial warrior Rytlock Brimstone wielding his signature flaming sword.

Along with the Rytlock statue, players will receive a custom frame along with five stunning Guild Wars 2 art prints from world-renowned artists, a 112-page Making of Guild Wars 2 hardback book, a Best of Guild Wars 2 Soundtrack CD by award-winning composer Jeremy Soule, and five in-game items, including a Mistfire Wolf that will fight alongside players and a miniature Rytlock who will accompany them on their travels through Tyria.

Also available online at the Guild Wars 2 store is the Digital versions of both Standard and Deluxe, though Deluxe is not offering any physical items like the figurine or Making of book.
The Guild Wars 2 Collector's Edition is retailing at RRP $199.95AUD and the Standard Edition will be available for RRP $89.95AUD. Any players that pre-order from a retailer will receive a one-day head start prior to launch.

Check out the screenshot below showing off all the goodies that the Collectors Edition will be getting, as well as heading over to our game page where we have the latest news as well as AusGamers hands-on preview of the press closed beta.

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Latest Comments
Posted 02:24pm 14/3/12
Yep, going to be Epic.
Posted 02:26pm 14/3/12
There doesn't seem to be much incentive to pick up CE (unless you like the figurines and such) or the digital deluxe really - all the in game bonuses seem to be of limited duration.

Though I haven't bought any physical copies of games in some time (I think my last one was supcom, which I bought got in the tin box?) and I can't say the extra physical things usually included appeal to me more generally.
Posted 02:28pm 14/3/12
CE $200! f***!
Posted 02:31pm 14/3/12
Funny, I always figured GW players were cheap or broke uni students that would never spend money a CE.
Posted 02:32pm 14/3/12
mmm I want the book and the soundtrack cd. Super hard to justify that much extra money for em though :(
Posted 03:03pm 14/3/12
Hopefully we can by this in USD, the price difference is rather big.

Posted 03:23pm 14/3/12
It's a little easier for me to justify $200 on a collectors edition for a game that will hopefully be around for some years, but more importantly, NOT cost me each month I decide to play it.

I played the absolute s*** out of GW1, I still do, I will happily part with $200 knowing it's going somewhere deserving.

Also, I have a major hard on for the art direction Anet chose to take with GW2 so, for once, the art related bonuses actually interest me.

Will be the first (and likely the last) CE piece of software I buy, I'll look at my figurine and imagine the manly Steve Blums voice bellowing from it.

Posted 03:31pm 14/3/12
So paying $200 up front is fine, but paying $40 - $50 up front and 12 months of subscription costs is not fine? People are weird.
Posted 03:36pm 14/3/12
So paying $200 up front is fine, but paying $40 - $50 up front and 12 months of subscription costs is not fine? People are weird.

Technically paying more. $200 get's you a crap load of stuff, as well as the game which you don't have to pay for. Hell I'm sure people will be able to get the Digital Deluxe for cheaper via CDkey websites etc.

Point is, paying $50-$60 for a WoW expansion and then it's subsequent year and a bit of life expectancy is equal to more then $200 for a collector's edition and no subscription fee.
Posted 04:13pm 14/3/12
Khel you're correct, monetarily the two are the same. I wasn't trying to suggest purchasing the account and then paying for the subsequent access over 12 months is not ok.

What I meant was that it's a lot easier to accept paying $200 to get the extras (ones that I pointed out actually interest me, unlike the standard CE garbage) knowing that I can log in whenever I want for the duration of the games lifespan.

Also, unlike a lot of MMO's GW2 will not finance itself through subscriptions. They will have to cover the costs of production and maintenance through initial sales (and I assume cosmetic micro transactions similar to GW1), along with future expansions.

With this in mind I'm happy to pay the extra.

tl;dr if the cost is the same over 12 months, I might as well get some swag out of it.
Posted 04:23pm 14/3/12
$200 up front for multiple years of enjoyment > $218 ($50 + 12 * $14) for 1 year of a subscription MMO in my eyes....Plus as if this game is going to rock it?
Posted 04:27pm 14/3/12
As much as I'm super hyped for GW2, $200 is a bit too much. Never really fussed about the material bonuses in CEs, and the majority of CE in game items are purchasable down the track as DLC or through an in game store.

But that model does look pretty damn sweet.....
Posted 04:36pm 14/3/12
Yeah, I wasn't necessarily implying one was better than the other, or trying to steer people away from GW2 or something, I just find it interesting that people will jump at a $200 outright payment but get up in arms about a monthly subscription. I guess its the same as how people will happily pay $60 for an expansion, but will get their panties in a bunch about paying $20 each for 3 separate chunks of DLC that add up to the same amount of content as an expansion.

I dunno, I just found it to be an interesting insight into the gamer psyche, about what is considered good value for money and what isn't. Carry on :)
Posted 05:23pm 14/3/12
Most likely because it's a full front $200 payment, and Blizzard would (I'm guessing here) gain more interest on your $15 each month. Also it adds up more like others have stated, with the added bonus of no subscription and the game lasting pretty much forever.
Posted 05:27pm 14/3/12
the videos i saw from the press beta a few weeks ago looked terrible.
Posted 05:42pm 14/3/12
Wonder what that skill does that comes with the CE. summons a wolf?
Posted 05:45pm 14/3/12
How so rav? I can see why you may think they were terrible, due to in-experienced people playing a MMO that they don't know, and probably didn't have enough time to get to know try and play and give their opinion.
Posted 06:38pm 14/3/12
Posted 07:03pm 14/3/12
$200 bucks f*** off its $150 USD on their site thats a major f*****g price hike i wonder if u can order the CE off their store??
Posted 07:51pm 14/3/12
I'll be buying a CE and shelving it (worth a bit in a few years) and buying the middle edition for play.
Posted 10:04pm 14/3/12
worth a bit in a few years

It really wont be, even though its called "Collector's edition" its not really a collector's piece like that. May as well crack it open and enjoy it, its not gonna make you rich so get some fun out of it
Posted 10:16pm 14/3/12
Haha yeah, I don't see WoW's collectors editions bringing in any money.
Posted 10:24pm 14/3/12
True that GW is free after initial purchase, but I have spent a couple of hundred bucks in GW1 over the years in their shop... I'm a sucker for costume outfits and have redesigned my characters several times (and purchased a few extra character slots. Not a complaint as I love the game and if this is similar for GW2 I can see myself forking out for extra goodies too... But I think I will pass on the CE, the $50 difference with the US version given the current exchange rate is too close to gouging for comfort in this instance...

... now when will that beta invite get here... tic... tic... tic...
Posted 11:56pm 14/3/12
Looks cool. I'm a sucker for a good collector's edition!
Posted 08:08am 15/3/12
I will definately be buying the CE...but the question is who will I be able to get from here in Australia?
Posted 12:55pm 15/3/12
@bullfrogg You can pre-order the CE edition from EB currently on their website. I have just pre-ordered my CE there, and will be also digitally purchasing the Deluxe edition from ArenaNet to get the three-day headstart. I will most likely use that account as my main account, and keep the goodies in the CE and that account as a seperate account.
Posted 05:52pm 15/3/12
I don't really give a s*** about books or posters which I'll look at once and then stash away. I'll be buying the digital version, possibly the deluxe edition, as long as it's reasonably priced (well under $100).

I've been watching lots of stuff from the recent press beta, and it's got me really keen. I'm really hoping to get into the beta this month.
Posted 08:12am 16/3/12
wait so If we don't pre-order from a s***** eb games retailer at full price, and pre-order online instead at say g2play? we don't get the early beta access?
Posted 04:55pm 08/4/12
Anyone know of any incentives being offered by various retailers for the pre-order? Last time EB were offering extra items if you ordered form them.
Posted 05:30pm 08/4/12
Well, I dunno about g2play, but Greenman Gaming have put it up for pre-order now, and they said you get beta access with theirs.
Posted 05:50pm 08/4/12
I'm not seeing it on either the .com or .co.uk sites.
Posted 05:55pm 08/4/12
Oh, available from 10th of April. I just remembered seeing them post something about it on their Facebook page and I assumed it was available now, but I just checked again and its available for preorder from 10th of april.
Posted 05:58pm 08/4/12
Oh right, same date as from the official site. Hopefully they'll have some discount coupons like they often do with new games.
Posted 09:36pm 08/4/12
Man the price difference between the US and Australia is so ridiculous. Fortunately being a resident of the US now i at least have the chance to pick games up for a more reasonable price more easily.
Posted 10:07pm 08/4/12
http://buy.guildwars2.com/ shows the same pricing as the US for me.
Posted 11:36pm 08/4/12
I read $69usd v $89aud where i saw the price for the basic game? If that wrong all good then.
Posted 11:49pm 08/4/12
It says $59.99 for standard and $79.99 for deluxe on the page I linked.
Posted 11:54pm 08/4/12
Yeah I get $60 for basic and $80 for deluxe as well, guessing it's in USD.

If Greenman will have it available for us then they will give us the same price as the US, pretty sure they don't sell titles to aussies if the publisher wants to regionalise the pricing.
Posted 01:28am 09/4/12
Yeah, GMG said their price will be pretty much what NCSoft is selling it for on their website
Posted 07:23am 09/4/12
I believe the pre-order gets you full beta access as well as a head start and chance to get your own character name before launch. Also get some items in-game that only last a few days.
Posted 10:44am 09/4/12
Yeah, you get access to all of the beta weekends and a 3-day headstart.
Posted 02:54pm 09/4/12
Is Australia going to be sold as Europe or US regions this time around?
Posted 04:52pm 09/4/12
Prices are region locked, so we will be paying the same as NA, however anyone can play on the EU or NA datacenters.
Posted 04:54pm 09/4/12
US is the default catchall region. So aussie players will end up on NA servers afaik.
Posted 04:54pm 09/4/12
Any place selling digital copies of the game for pre-order?
Posted 05:36pm 09/4/12
Any place selling digital copies of the game for pre-order?

Apparently someone else said Green Man Gaming will be selling pre-orders as well as the actual website. Other than those two, not sure who else would. Maybe CJS CD Keys or another CD key website.
Posted 11:01pm 09/4/12
Note that 3 day headstart+upcoming beta events access is only for prepurchases (ie full boxed price) rather than preorder.

Also keep in mind if you don't buy from the official prepurchase retailers/ncsoft you won't get beta access.

I think people who preorder (possibly regardless of retailer?) get a 1 day headstart instead. Not that this matters if you are just gonna wait for release, but it would suck to put money down and only later realize you can't play at all until whenever release actually is.
Posted 11:10pm 09/4/12
This is from GreenManGaming:

I can confirm the GMG version has every single feature of the version that NCSoft will be selling, and I can also confirm that the price will be similar to the price on the NCSoft site.

It was in response to a person asking a question about beta and 3 day headstart as well, so it looks to me like all thats included.
Posted 11:20pm 09/4/12
I reckon Steam will have the game up as well, they sell all the other Guild Wars stuff. GMG will probably be cheaper at some point though as they often throw discounts on their pre-orders.
Note that 3 day headstart+upcoming beta events access is only for prepurchases (ie full boxed price) rather than preorder.
Is that like some kind of archaic brick and mortar thing? I've never pre-ordered from those places but digitally you've always had to pay full price from any online store I've used.

If you want the advantage of early access you are going to have to download the game anyway so unless you hate money or want the CE edition and also hate money then most people doing pre-orders will be doing them online or will be mentally challenged.
Posted 11:17am 10/4/12
Looks like the game will be up for sale at 6pm local time today.
Posted 11:22am 10/4/12
Where is that from Midda?
Posted 11:50am 10/4/12
On the official site ( http://buy.guildwars2.com/ ), and presumably on Green Man Gaming.
Posted 12:32pm 10/4/12
That's cool, it will be interesting to see GMGs price on it then since they're normally pretty competitive. Guess we'll find out later today.
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