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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 08:44am 14/03/12 | 19 Comments
We had a chance to catch up with DICE's Patrick Bach at this year's GDC during a special unveiling event for both the upcoming Battlefield 3 map expansion, Close Quarters, and Danger Close's Medal of Honor: Warfighter.

Among topics, Bach explains what the team learnt from Battlefield 3's launch and where they want to take the game this year and into the future.

"We at DICE, we honestly feel this is what we want - as gamers ourselves," he told us in our interview. "We don’t just want a new map; we want new guns, we want Achievements, Assignments... so instead of just giving you one part of the puzzle, we give you a palette of stuff. You know, all the new guns, you can bring them back into the original game (Battlefield 3), so even if you don’t care about the actual maps, I can still enjoy the guns and I can play the old maps."

Click here for the full interview.

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Latest Comments
Posted 09:58am 14/3/12
Meh, I'd pay for new maps for the base game but I'm not really into this separate expansion thing.
Steve Farrelly
Posted 10:16am 14/3/12
You still need the base game to play these maps Winston, it's the same thing, they just like using the word "expansion" over DLC
Posted 10:24am 14/3/12
Ah ok, so will they be like 'Return to Karkand'? where the maps can be added to the regular rotation?
Steve Farrelly
Posted 11:11am 14/3/12
Posted 11:20am 14/3/12
As said in the interview, they like using the word expansion because it offers more then say Call of Duty's Content Drops, which offer only (a) map(s).
Posted 01:33pm 14/3/12
If they don't add voice chat to squads. I'm done with bf3.. I've found myself enjoying cs:source more, purely because of the voice chat!
Posted 03:44pm 14/3/12
They can only be added to regular rotation in 16 player TDM though. Which is a mode that basically no one plays on PC at least.

The problem is, DICE isn't acknowledging they didn't deliver what people expected or wanted with the larger maps. So the lack of on going enthusiasm for those maps is not because people don't want those sort of maps. It's because those maps are pretty badly designed. They don't have the long lasting game play appeal maps in previous BF games have had.

You just have to look on the official forum at the amount of people wanting more BF2 maps, bf 1942 maps and BC2 maps added to the game. Maps they have played way more times than anything in BF3, yet they want to keep playing them instead of BF3 maps.

Hence why the TDM modes and Metro 24/7 is becoming popular. The other maps get boring quickly, don't have long lasting appeal so people just go for the crazy maps.

Also 16 player? Well on PC at least the reason 24/7 metro is so popular is that it's just plain stupid in 64 player. That the stupidity of it, the horrible design is kind of the charm.

So this DLC is also completely missing the mark for PC. The same way the missed the mark with large maps for PC. Dice really is just mismanaging this game when it comes to PC at least.

Also the talk of fixing bugs, the game is still riddled with them and we're still waiting for the major patch we were meant to have over a month ago.
Posted 03:48pm 14/3/12
Yes, BF3 certainly needs VOIP for the PC, other than that I'm still enjoy BF quite regularly and look forward to the "expansions"
Posted 04:27pm 14/3/12
I remember back in 1942 DICE were very slow with patches. I doubt theyve changed much.
Posted 04:40pm 14/3/12
I remember back in 1942 DICE were very slow with patches. I doubt theyve changed much.
Just for reference so there's some numbers around this, looking back through our history of patches and Wikipedia, I can see BF1942 came out on the 10th September.

v1.1 (the first patch) came out on the 12th Sep 2002
v1.2 came out 28th November 2002
v1.3 came out 4th February 2003
v1.4 came out 12th June 2003
v1.4.5 came out 30th August 2003
v1.5 came out 31st October 2003
v1.6.19 came out 31st January 2004
v1.6.19b came out 2nd December 2004

Not too bad, though there's some big gaps between a few things there.
Posted 05:04pm 14/3/12
Not as bad as I remember. The 4-5 months between patches 1.3 & 1.4 is most likely what my shady memory is referring to since I was probably playing the s*** out of it around that time and eager for a patch.
Posted 05:10pm 14/3/12
Yeh I have memories like that as well. The time you really notice it is when something is busted or not working properly or getting exploited and you're busting for them to fix it.

Reading that list makes me want to play BF1942.
Posted 05:12pm 14/3/12
I would absolutely f*****g love a more novelty style map pack for BF3, an actual Mirror's Edge themed map would be quite awesome in Frostbite 2.

Of course, if they'd allow the community to run unranked servers and released their map-making tools, the community probably would have already created a bunch of these by now :(

And yes, I agree that the PC version of BF3 needs public options for it's in-game VOIP so you can chat with everyone you're playing against, not just the squad of friends you assembled before launching the game.

Only being able to chat with your friends list is such a nubly console way of doing things and it really hampers being able to socialise with your fellow players.
Posted 05:12pm 14/3/12
Thanks for clarifying badfunkstripe, I'll definitely be passing if it's only for TDM.
Posted 09:20pm 14/3/12
Hence why the TDM modes and Metro 24/7 is becoming popular.

I'm so f*****g sick of Metro! Especially with M320 spam! There are a few servers that ban M320\USAS\SWAM etc which is cool though but still a unbalanced map IMO. If your team spawns at the Cafe end of town, 9/10 times you'll win if your team isn't a complete bunch of knobs
Posted 10:47pm 14/3/12
Meh, I'd pay for new maps for the base game but I'm not really into this separate expansion thing.

Wow. This is why games are the way they are. Attention span = 0.
Posted 05:28pm 15/3/12
bit small maps :/
Posted 07:01pm 15/3/12
Hope PC version has slightly larger versions of the maps.
Posted 10:07am 07/4/12
Also "Thanks for clarifying badfunkstripe"

Lots of ppl I know are playing inf only atm because of air dominance and cardboard tanks. If they dont reverse some of the worst features of the last patch the only ppl playing will be on the TDM servers. metro canals etc.
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