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Post by Dan @ 07:42am 14/03/12 | 16 Comments
Following last week's announcement of the upcoming DLC expansion trio for Battlefield 3, DICE have now released a trailer for the first one, Battlefield 3: Close Quarters.

As the name suggest, this one is all about up close and personal warfare and the first map we get to look at goes Diehard-style in a skyscraper called Ziba Tower. Hit the embed below or click here for the HD video page.

As always, DICE have a lot more to say about this first map on the official Battlefield Blog:
With Close Quarters, we really wanted to take Battlefield 3 in a new direction, to offer players another style of gameplay while still retaining what is uniquely Battlefield. What journalists on site could play was a relentless infantry combat map called “Ziba Tower” (internally known simply as “Skybar”).

The clue for the theme in Close Quarters is in the title: The battlefield moves indoors, and we’re bringing HD Destruction! While the squad functionality and gunplay will feel instantly recognizable for any Battlefield player, moving the battle to tight maps means it’s instant action and even more frantic than normal.

This June expansion pack has the same scope and ambition as Back to Karkand. This means that besides new maps, the expansion pack also offers 10 new weapons that you can bring back to the base game, 10 new Assignments, 5 unique dog tags, new audio, new ways to play, and more.
Close Quarters is due on all platforms in June 2012. Stay tuned for our own hands-on impressions shortly.

battlefield 3close quartersdiceeadlc
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Latest Comments
Posted 09:04am 14/3/12
Looks pretty sick. Reminds me of mp_vacant in cod4. hectic bro!
Posted 09:13am 14/3/12
I'm not sure I like the idea of battlefield in tight environments, but we'll see how it pans out (provided EA doesn't manage to ham up everyone's purchasing ability some how)
Posted 09:13am 14/3/12
Battlefield 3: Close Quarters RPG Spam
Posted 09:14am 14/3/12
F*****g a******* making that look so awesome.
Posted 09:55am 14/3/12
O please make it so they have thought this out with 64 players. ie not have a single fkn choke point like Metro..
Posted 10:04am 14/3/12
they're probably not intended for 64 players
Posted 11:09am 14/3/12
I do like how BF3 trailers actually show off the gameplay though, instead of just relying on gimmicks and Rob Riggle talking like a bro
Posted 11:23am 14/3/12
One week early on PS3

Posted 03:31pm 14/3/12
They should have go back to what the franchise was first. We still haven't actually got a proper BF3.

They did a new direction great in BC2. The approach in BF3 didn't work. Everythings there to be a great game but level design kills it.

Another problem is that this is just 4 maps. That'll get so old quickly. Even if in a server rotation with 16 player TDM of the existing maps. It'll suck because those maps aren't designed for proper TDM.

I wish DICE wasn't half arsing everything when it came to this game.

They half arsed map design, scale and destruction for the exisiting maps. Now they seem to at least be focusing on design for a game mode. As annoying as small and 16 player is. At least they're attempting to properly design the levels for it. So they do 4 maps to ensure it'll have no lasting appeal at all.
Posted 04:58pm 14/3/12
Defintely not half arsed at all I reckon. Will be buying it for sure.
Posted 06:17pm 14/3/12
aww why mine get nuked. i wanted the achievement :P

I wish DICE wasn't half arsing everything when it came to this game.

I wouldn't call bf3 half arsing. Single play side half arsed...sure. Not many games come close to the obvious effort gone into bf3. Just look at it's competitor if you want half arsed.
Posted 10:06pm 14/3/12
m320, rpgs and vehicles removed is all BF3 needs.
Posted 10:28pm 14/3/12
Why on earth would you remove vehicles?? Thats part of the appeal of the game. Would be interesting if they had a vehicle only game mode, you would spawn as a vehicle instead of a soldier.
Posted 10:53am 15/3/12
I believe the DLC after this one is a vehicle-centric one
Posted 10:56am 15/3/12
some people like vehicles and some don't. it's good to have maps that do both.
Posted 12:21pm 15/3/12
some people like vehicles and some don't. it's good to have maps that do both.

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