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Post by Eorl @ 11:08am 13/03/12 | 10 Comments
Unity Technologies, the company that developed the award winning game engine Unity, announced at GDC 2012 that the iOS and Android Game Builder version are available for free forever until April 8th.

Currently valued at $800, the two smartphone versions allow users to create games straight out of the box, with a range of default assets supplied, as well as unique controls and in-depth manuals that are easy to understand. There is a wide range of games currently on the iOS and Android market that utilise the Unity engine, including Chop Chop Ninja 2, Shadowgun: Deadzone and SKAR: The Hammer Returns.

So head over to the Unity Store where you can get the Unity client as well as the iOS and Android Game Builders license, absolutely free of charge forever. Hurry though, it's only free until April 8th, 2012!

Edit - To clear any confusion, the client and iOS/Android licenses are absolutely free of charge as long as you download before April 8th, 2012.

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Posted 11:21am 13/3/12
I don't get it, if I get it now while it's free, can I still use it after April 8th? Or does it cripple?
Posted 11:28am 13/3/12
Just fixed OP, it's free of charge forever once you get the license key.
Posted 12:25pm 13/3/12
Free for ever?! Really? Are you sure, I thought it was 12 months?
Posted 12:36pm 13/3/12
I've emailed the Unity guys to clarify - their original email is pretty light on the details. I went through the purchase process though and there's no indication I can see in the emails I got that it is time-limited - you add the components to your cart and buy it like a normal Unity product, but it's all just $0.

I'll clarify once I've heard back, but for now at $0 you might as well go pick it up if you're interested in mobile development :)

It should be noted that it is just the "base" version of their products, not the pro version - you can compare the differences on their store page.
Posted 12:40pm 13/3/12
Wow, that was fast - here's the reply: "They just need to download it before April 8th. Once downloaded it's theirs to use for as long as they'd like."
Posted 12:44pm 13/3/12
Holy crap that is amazing. Wicked thanks guys!
Posted 01:06pm 13/3/12
I haven't looked at Unity for ages, its actually looking really, really good these days. And the licensing terms are f*****g nice, even the Pro version is only $1,500 per seat per platform, which is easily affordable by even the smallest indie devs. And theres no annual subscriptions or limits on how much money you can make with it or royalties you need to pay back or anything. Very nice!
Posted 01:46pm 13/3/12
Freaking awesome! I'm spamming all my dev friends with this
Posted 09:46am 14/3/12
Posted 02:10pm 14/3/12
you cant make ios games unless you have a mac. gay.
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