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Post by Dan @ 08:17am 13/03/12 | 4 Comments
It conjures the image of retirement home punch-ons, but the truth is, we really have no idea what this one might end up being (or if it might end up being at all). fusible (via: Game Informer) has noticed new patents recently filed by Electronic Arts (Serial Numbers 85560267 and 85560275) for a game bearing that intriguing title.

Given the nature of bingo, our first suspicion would be some kind of social web or Facebook game, but let's hope it's not that casual because an Arch Rivals style game from EA Sports could be much sweeter. Stay tuned as we wait to hear more.

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Posted 09:04am 13/3/12
Aw hell yeah, just what we've been waiting for for ages, a Bingo game. I've been getting so sick of playing RPGa, FPSes and RTSes.
slash blink.
Posted 02:38pm 13/3/12
From's article about this

Posted 02:57pm 13/3/12
EA diaf
Posted 03:00pm 13/3/12
lol thermite. Laughed in class.
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