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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 10:38am 12/03/12 | 17 Comments
Blues News reports that a Tweet to John Romero, ex-id original and creator of one of the most poorly received games of all time, Daikatana, regarding whether or not he'd given up on making an old-school FPS in his career netted two rather interesting and newsworthy responses.
"Definitely not! I have plans..." - @romero

"There will be no DK2!" - @romero (responding to rumours of a Daikatana 2)
GameArena's Joab Gilroy and yours truly were both sitting right next to the famed developer at EA's unveiling of Medal of Honor: Warfighter at this year's GDC, with Joaby Tweeting his brush with fame, only to have Romero respond with a Tweet saying "@GAJoaby coy wave".

It made us laugh.

Would you be happy to see Romero back behind the design podium of an old-school FPS? Or has his flag officially flown?

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Posted 10:58am 12/3/12
Yes defiantly.

Anyone who has read up on John Carmack's history knows that over the years he put more and more time into the technology behind his games and not the design of the game itself with the latest titles being massive over tech'ed piles of s***.

John C while being a brilliant programmer and 3d graphics pioneer has lost his touch with game design and what makes gamers smile. It's not 'mega-textures'. His obsession with technology and trying to push the limits is great but he takes it to an unhealthy extreme that only prolongs the dev time of his games.

He has always needed good strong game designers like Romero to balance him out. Romero wasn't the only amazing designer he pushed out of his life, over the next 10-20 years he pushed a few out, including someone who had been with ID from the very beginning (forget his name sorry). Eventually all that left in ID was tech heads.

I would love to see Romero create another game. I knows what people wants and if it wasnt for him being such a douche-bag during doom's fame he might have lasted a bit longer, or not been ostrisized by the ID monarchy. I think it's 'paid' for that now... and it's time for him to show us that he hasn't lost what made him great (at the start).

(EDIT: if anyone wants to know more about the history between Carmack and Romero I highly recommend this book. I can also recommend a few others that i've read on ID/carmack/romero... it's been a keen side-passion to read about for me over the years)

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Steve Farrelly
Posted 10:59am 12/3/12
Are you thinking of American McGee gamer (aka tokay?)
Posted 11:08am 12/3/12
Gamer: this was also pretty good overview of id (there's a few parts)
Posted 11:15am 12/3/12
That's the one - thanks

Also Carmack even pushed out Tom Hall eventually after many many years of Tom staying by his side even though Carmack disrespected him and his ideas... tom was BRILLIANT. Tom believed that not every game had to contain violence for gammers to love it. He believed there was a great medium ground that WOULD sell. He proved this by pretty much single handedly designing most of the core stuff for commander keen.

Carmack got ths s**** with him not ever wanting 'blood guts and gore' and sent him packing after a very, very long power struggle.

The integrity this guy must have had, to stand in the middle of ID and tell them they don't have to only make 'blood guts and gore' games to attract kids and that 'times are changing'. This guy could have meant massive things for ID but carmack couldn't see it. What a shame.

Edit: Cheers scuzzy - will watch!
Posted 11:29am 12/3/12
Was Daikatana really that bad? I never finished it as I went travelling overseas but remember it having great graphics and sound for it's time and weird robot frogs.
Posted 12:13pm 12/3/12
Posted 12:17pm 12/3/12
I'm glad that I'm not the only one who looks at ID titles and thinks "wtf?... it's just... a tech demo..."
Posted 12:23pm 12/3/12
I'm glad that I'm not the only one who looks at ID titles and thinks "wtf?... it's just... a tech demo..."
This sentiment has been around for a while, eg RAGE was pretty, but so many game elements wern't fully fleshed out.
Posted 12:41pm 12/3/12
eg RAGE was pretty, but so many game elements wern't fully fleshed out.

That game just wasn't fun.

I bought it, played it for about 2 hours but can't find any incentive to put any more time into it. There are no enjoyable elements in it at all.
Posted 01:24pm 12/3/12
Posted 01:36pm 12/3/12
Funny, i've been thinking this week about old school games and how i've been getting back into them more and more. Replaying Deus Ex atm and i've been pondering, why arn't there any games today that can even come close to how awesome Deus Ex is. It seems that the game industry over the years has added alot of bells and whistles, realism and cinematic experiences to games but not many, very few have character and soul like Deus Ex and the like does...Games from the late 90's and early 2000's had a real grip of what gameplay was about, cult classics like Omikron weren't received too well into the mainstream and unfortunately never got the recognition it deserved, Max Payne a classic that can never be repeated, though I dont think MP3 will fulfill it's duties. But don't get me wrong, artistic style is awe inspiring and gorgeous these days but I think we should do alot more research into the games of 2000's and rediscover what truely makes a great game, and John Romero is just the man to lead the way
Posted 02:09pm 12/3/12
Played minecraft breno? It had a few days of non-fancy gameplay-focused fun in it.
Posted 04:54pm 12/3/12
Yeah i've tried to get into minecraft, if only I knew what to do lol I've gotta read up on it before I attempt to play. As far as I understand it's kinda like Garry's Mod yeah?
Reverend Evil
Posted 05:02pm 12/3/12
I tried playing Daikatana but the bugs at the start kept killing me. Not game bugs mind you. There were tiny insect things which were hard to kill so I just gave up.
Posted 05:03pm 12/3/12
Daikatana may of been crappy but for the time didn't it have rather pretty looking graphics? I sure remember the environments were pretty varied from ruins to japanese cyberpunk to snow covered castles. Also I remember saying "holy s*** look at that!" when you slashed a wall with your metal claws and it left scratch marks on it instead of just a black dot like in hl1.
Posted 09:35pm 12/3/12
I don't agree that id's failing is focusing on the game engine instead of the gameplay. IMO their failing in recent times has been trying to focus on a game world and story when they are just not good at it. But that doesn't have to be a bad thing, three of my favourite games ever for fun gameplay were Doom, Quake and Quake 3, three games with as little storyline or fully realised game worlds as possible.

I want a Quake 5 which is a true sequel to Quake 3 damnit!

(Actually what I really want is a true sequel to RtCW MP, but I gave up hope of that a long time ago..)
Posted 09:36am 13/3/12
Yeah i've tried to get into minecraft, if only I knew what to do lol I've gotta read up on it before I attempt to play.

Check out the wiki for crafting recipes (once you know these it gets easier - then check out this list of things you may wanna build / add to your setup:

I havent even touched creative. For massive projects i can understand as it removes the element of mining the stuff you need but i solely play survival and have 2 games going - 1 on dekstop PC, other on lappy.

I didnt actually mind rage. Sure it was far from perfect but its been a long while since i played what i felt was a pretty enjoyable shooter.
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