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Post by The GuVna @ 12:08am 10/03/12 | 20 Comments
HiRez has finally announced a release date for the hotly anticipated title Tribes: Ascend, the latest in the fastest moving multiplayer FPS series on PC, all for free as well. April 12, 2012 is when you should mark your calendar as it's going to zoom past you if your forgetful.

Also released today is a new trailer showcasing a parody of the very heart-string pulling trailer from Dead Island, which was showing zombies invading a hotel in reverse with flashbacks. HiRez have dubbed it "Llama Island" in reference to what players call anyone that moves slowly on the battlefield.
"Tribes is all about speed and movement," explains Todd Harris, Hi-Rez Studios Chief Operating Officer. "In fact the community uses the term llama to refer to a player moving too slowly, like a plodding llama. So this video demonstrates the perils of trying to capture a flag while going too slow. The outcome is predictable but no less tragic."
So if your friends are going to slow, or not shazbotting enough, it's clearly time to give them a loving push and send them zooming across the map.

Tribes: Ascend is currently in Open Beta which you can sign up for and download over at their official website here. Check out the trailer below showing off the tragic Llama players death, just a reminder that going slow is not always the best way to capture a flag.

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Latest Comments
Posted 12:19am 10/3/12
Ha, I see what they did there.
Posted 12:23am 10/3/12
Bahaha! Clever trailer.

"Friends Don't Let Friends Llama. Gotta Go Fast."
Posted 12:56am 10/3/12
Touche salesman.
Posted 01:17am 10/3/12
Shazbot!! F*cking love the original Tribes, hope its more like that.

Posted 09:51am 10/3/12
Been thoroughly enjoying the beta so far, now

Posted 10:29am 10/3/12
I think i hate llamas more than I hate pop music. And that's saying something.
Posted 10:59am 10/3/12
The system is unable to connect to the update server due to a likely spyware/malware infection on port 5643
Yeah, it's clearly the fault of spyware... o.O

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Posted 11:01am 10/3/12
Was in tears when the vid shows the guy that was coming in for a speed grab......

Overall, the game has a good balance though all the infiltrators are really frigging annoying
Posted 11:31am 10/3/12
Tribes! Love the series T2 still my fav though I didn't mind Vengeance at all. Looking forward to this, should really get into the open beta...
Posted 02:15pm 10/3/12
I have been playing the beta for about 3 weeks and having a lot of fun. It is a nice change from BF3/MW3 style of FPS.
Posted 02:18pm 10/3/12
I Raged the other day after getting killed by everyone using the bolt. I spammed 'Pay to Win' then left haha
Posted 02:30pm 10/3/12
Dead island trailer remake? ;)
Posted 04:31pm 10/3/12
Very classy!
Posted 06:58pm 10/3/12
So once the game goes from OB to retail, do they reset all the classes? f*** I hope not heh
Posted 07:53pm 10/3/12
No, everyone keeps their XP. I'm not sure what "release" will entail - it might just be a patch with version number "1.0".
Posted 09:16pm 10/3/12
Maybe more maps? As I notice they have taken 2 maps out of the OB rotation that I had seen at the start.
Posted 09:33pm 10/3/12
sign me up.. i used to love tribes. even when boba would spank me all up and down the place when i went over for a lil 2 man lan..

yes that sounds gay..
Posted 10:01pm 10/3/12

Someone put it in chronological order, lol.
Posted 12:58pm 11/3/12
better with in game voice commands. vgtg

Posted 12:33pm 12/3/12
It's kinda pay2win, but its pretty good.
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