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Post by Eorl @ 01:50pm 08/03/12 | 6 Comments
En Masse Entertainment has just posted up a new blog post to remind players that the 3rd Closed Beta will be open this weekend for Tera Online, a real-action orientated MMO set in the world of Arborea. As well as a new beta stage, new additions and fixes are being made available, including a level cap raise for closed beta to 32 and new PVP additions.
We've been listening to you and have some great improvements in place for Closed Beta Test 3. We've made some small tweaks to the PvP system based on your feedback. It's now uncool to kill players six or more levels lower than you, and players who do will receive the red name of shame, with their punishment left up to the community.

Increasing the level cap to 32 opens up two provinces to explore: the Val Aureum desert lands and the tropical coast of Ostgarath. In addition to discovering the towns of Chebika and Cutthroat Harbor, you'll be able to venture into Azarel's Temple, an open dungeon containing small instances.
Due to Daylight Savings over in America, the closed beta for this weekend will actually start 1 hour earlier but end 1 hour later, which works out to be a 5am Brisbane time start on Saturday. Any players wanting to read the full patch notes can do so over here, and if your eager for more info you can head over to our game page where we have some really breathtaking screenshots of Arborea.

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Latest Comments
Posted 02:19pm 08/3/12
Any word on a PVP system Eorl yet? Or is it still 100% pointless -_-
Posted 02:40pm 08/3/12
What do you mean Casa? As in something like WoW with PVP rewards etc? Or world PVP/battleground PVP?
Posted 07:31pm 08/3/12
Hooray, less wankers sitting around 1 shotting you!

I've always been of the mindset that ganking lowbies is absolutely NOT pvp.

Maybe now I'll roll a pvp realm for the pvp.
Posted 09:41pm 08/3/12
Yeah mate mostly rewards :P and not necessarily the wow type which reward you with items, perhaps something that rewards you with other abilities / passives.
Posted 10:30pm 08/3/12
Currently it's just for the flexing of epeen, but the devs are hard at work making sure everything is suitable for a MMO standards, and there are whispers of rewards in battlegrounds as well as a idea that if you win so many arena rounds you become champion of a town for a week or two, getting rewards etc.
Posted 06:26pm 15/3/12
I have really enjoyed playing the TERA Beta so far. I hope it gets Oceanic servers.
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