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Post by Dan @ 09:44am 05/03/12 | 12 Comments
We've heard that Blizzard's hugely anticipated Diablo 3 will have an immensely challenging final difficulty level and it looks like the StarCraft 2 team are not going to be outdone, with the announcement of a "fiendish" new official Custom Game modification called StarCraft Master, due in the "next few days" and aimed at teaching newcomers some of the advanced play techniques that can be used in multiplayer.

In a blog post on the official site, Blizzard describes the new addition:
A new challenge is coming: the new single-player Blizzard mod StarCraft Master. StarCraft Master offers you the opportunity to put your skills to the test in 30 different challenges that will tax your knowledge and your ability to control your forces. Each fiendish challenge will demand your utmost concentration to prevail, and they’ll help you hone your unit micro-management skills in situations which mimic real battles.
See battle.net for more specifics and keep an eye on the "Custom Game" menu over the next few days.

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Latest Comments
Posted 10:32am 05/3/12
I played it and it is really hard.
Posted 11:26am 05/3/12
Nice. I feel I haven't improved much since I hit a certain point - I don't play regularly enough to keep improving so something like this sounds like it would be useful.
Posted 11:51am 05/3/12
Now I might have a reason to get back into it.
Posted 12:30pm 05/3/12
Might be just want I need to polish up a bit....my son spanks me at this every time we play now.....its gettting a little embaressing and I am sick of his trash talking.
Posted 12:34pm 05/3/12
I've managed to finish all but 2 levels. THe last level with the medivac and the tank, and level 28 (I think) which has the banshee against the tonne of marines.

Really well done map, just shows you how much difference there is between an entry level player and a pro - because some of this micro s*** is insane!
Posted 02:04pm 05/3/12
I played the game serious for awhile, got to diamond 1v1... then found the game was so stressful and wasnt fun anymore.. It became like a second job.... (i'll get back in to it when expansion comes out no doubt) :)
Posted 02:18pm 05/3/12

Silver league is where the fun is. :)
Posted 05:41pm 05/3/12
This is very cool. Watched a Korean Starcraft 2 pro finish it in an hour the other day.
Posted 05:59pm 05/3/12
the banshee is that hardest one
Posted 12:43am 06/3/12
an hour... jesus. it only took me 30 min.... wtf...... rofl
Posted 12:44am 06/3/12
there was the last level i couldn't beat but honestly it took 30-40 minutes it get to round 30...
Posted 08:30pm 06/3/12
does it teach macro? since macro is way bigger then micro for sc2.
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