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Post by Khel @ 02:37pm 03/03/12 | 30 Comments
While we wait for the actual release of Mass Effect 3 here in Australia, Bioware hasn't stopped the marketing train, with the latest launch trailer giving you a roller-coaster of cinematics and in-game footage.
Mass Effect 3 thrusts players into an all-out war to save the galaxy from an ancient alien race known as the Reapers. Players will assume the role of Commander Shepard, a war-torn veteran who’s willing to do whatever it takes to eliminate this nearly unstoppable foe.

With a team of elite, battle-hardened soldiers at your side, each player decides how they will take Earth back, from the weapons and abilities they utilize to the relationships they forge or break.
Currently scheduled for a March 8th release, Mass Effect 3 will be tying up the trilogy and it's sure to be an epic ride. With cinematics and visual like that, no wonder gamers are eager to get their hands on a copy.

Check out the trailer below, and we really recommend you watch it in HD fullscreen, as it is well worth it. Grab a box of popcorn, get comfy and prepare to be blown away.

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Latest Comments
Posted 02:41pm 03/3/12
Posted 02:45pm 03/3/12
wish i could play this when it comes out.
Posted 02:52pm 03/3/12
Bought for $38
Posted 02:57pm 03/3/12
Posted 03:08pm 03/3/12
Cutscenes and story line both look good.

Except in reality you'll be cowering behind waist-high crates every 30 seconds in-game.
Posted 04:00pm 03/3/12
Sensational. Can't wait for it!
Posted 04:58pm 03/3/12
Bought for $38

do tell... was going to buy tonight :)
Posted 01:54pm 04/3/12
Bought for $38

don't be a tosser, if you gonna say something like that, at least say from where ffs.
Posted 01:57pm 04/3/12 Used them before on a few games and never had any issues. Last one I got from them was Syndicate.
Posted 07:42pm 04/3/12
Only reason I won't be getting this on launch is because I need to go and do a ME1 and 2 play through to carry through my save. When I'll get all that done i'll probably be ready to retire.
Posted 07:44pm 04/3/12
Only reason I won't be getting this on launch is because I need to go and do a ME1 and 2 play through to carry through my save.

same. lost all my saves when i upgraded.
Posted 07:47pm 04/3/12
There'll probably be websites setup where you can download ME2 saves that have similar progress to your old save, and import into ME3, cos that happened when ME2 came out (for ME1 saves).
Posted 10:23pm 04/3/12

Has plenty of saves and there is a way to convert them to xbox saves also.

last edited by dangles at 22:23:47 04/Mar/12
Posted 10:27pm 04/3/12
prefer to use my own saves
Posted 02:41pm 05/3/12 Used them before on a few games and never had any issues

For anyone else who wants to pre-order from there, take note of:

"This game has been reported to be region free and multi-language but we cannot be 100% sure until release. If the product does turn out to be region locked you will simply need to activate it while using a VPN."

Doing the VPN thing is easy, but not exactly the safest thing connecting your PC directly to some random russian/chinese/whatever network. A safer option would be waiting until release day when they have actual copies in hand and know whether they're region locked or not.
Posted 03:12pm 05/3/12
anyone know if the amazon digital version works in aus?
Posted 04:25pm 05/3/12
I got my key from them last night and downloaded. Went to do the retail check and it said that the unlock day was for the 7th so about the same time as the US release. If I need to be in the US to unlock it though i'm not sure. Don't see why but it IS EA here and they could do a huge d*** move like this.
Posted 06:32pm 06/3/12
So what are my options for buying digital. I refuse to play full price on this.
Posted 06:55pm 06/3/12
So what are my options for buying digital. I refuse to play full price on this.

I mainly use intkeys but i've used those other sites before without any problems.

intkeys - > $44.90 and they throw in BC2 (wait just checked, they aren't any more)

cdkeydirect -> $39.99
Posted 06:54pm 06/3/12
cjs-cdkeys -> $43.99

Do not buy from CJS, they are absolute scum.

A good one is cdkeyshere:

last edited by parabol at 18:54:17 06/Mar/12
Posted 06:56pm 06/3/12
Do not buy from CJS, they are absolute scum.

fixed my post ... hate supporting a*******. haven't had too much experience, that's why i chucked it on.
Posted 07:10pm 06/3/12
^ I'm fairly lenient, but it wasn't one strike but four for me:

1. Showing an item was in stock and "available instantly via autokey", taking my money and then no communication for days, then ...

2. Telling me a few days later "sorry the item isn't in stock". I had to threaten them with a CC reversal to get a refund.

3. Giving cdkeys to people out of order and then "sorry" when they ran out. Many early purchasers/pre-orderers got shafted with Crysis 2 / DNF due to this.

4. Promised pre-loading of DNF, then changed their website to remove all references to that after heaps of people pre-ordered. They then denied the pre-loading claim was ever on the website and called their customers liars.
Posted 07:33pm 06/3/12
So apparently its already out in asia and if you use a korean vpn you can unlock it and play it right now.
Posted 08:09pm 06/3/12
Thanks for the links. I could get it from other... sources...but but they are probably in russian anyway aswell. Ill get the Delux Edition from CDkeyshare.
Posted 09:55pm 06/3/12
The f***? I'm hearing rumors that Ashley is a tranny? Good thing i'm going for tali...

Posted 10:44pm 06/3/12
I wonder if EB will let copies out of the store a day early as the sometimes do.

Posted 11:53pm 06/3/12
There's a few early releases floating around, getting ok reviews. Users are bombing it on metacritic.
Posted 12:57am 07/3/12
@ DM what the heck is Bioware doing these days. I hope its not true. That would seem deceptive, Like this

Downloading my russian copy now. Instructions on how to change the text to English
Posted 04:07am 07/3/12
Used VPN to unlock early. Quite fun. Liking the upgrade system for weapons since it adds something new into the mix. Playing on hardcore and man, the difficulty is REALLY harder than what I remember ME2 being. like 3 or 4 hits and your dead. About 2 or 3 hours in so far and turning out to be quite the story so far.
Posted 11:55am 07/3/12
My copy finished downloading last night. Now I have to mess with it so I can get the text/menus in english.
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