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Post by Eorl @ 11:27am 03/03/12 | 8 Comments
Sony Online Entertainment has just sent word that their recent FPS PayDay: The Heist is available on Steam for a free until Monday 5th March. The title also has a 50% off deal going through until Monday as well for anyone keen on purchasing.
PayDay: The Heist is an action filled first person shooter that lets players take on the role of a hardened career criminal executing intense, dynamic heists in constant pursuit of the next “big score”. Load out with an array of weaponry and equipment. Navigate six high-stake heists with three other live or A.I. Co-Op partners in crime.
You can find the game over on Steam, and it's currently priced at $9.99, quite a nice price tag for a great adrenaline filled game.

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Buy now from SteamUS Only USD$14.99!
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Latest Comments
Posted 11:38am 03/3/12
Anyone played this yet ? i have a feeling it could be fun with a few mates
Posted 11:51am 03/3/12
Yeah we played it to death... should only take the weekend though. Good concept but it gets old a lot quicker than L4D, so if you can whip up a few peeps to game while it's free you'll def's enjoy it.
Posted 12:09pm 03/3/12
As MrWolf said, its great fun especially with mates. Sadly though it does get repetitive pretty fast. some of the latter maps also have a pretty solid level of challenge to them.
Posted 12:25pm 03/3/12
I bought it back in November when it was on sale. It's good fun, but don't expect a good single-player experience. Single-player just replaces human players with AI, and they can't complete the mission objectives.

Here's some tips for new players:
* There's three different upgrade trees (Assault, Sharpshooter, and Support). You can switch between them by holding Tab and pressing 1 (for Assault), 2 (for Sharpshooter), or 3 (for Support).
* Look for loose bundles of money scattered around. Look on top of computer cases in the bank and inside the vault room, or check the car that crashes into the fire hydrant in Heat Street (you can open the boot and sometimes it's full of money). Since cash is experience in this game, it's a handy bonus. Also, it goes to every member of your team, so it doesn't matter who grabs it.
* Get your team-mates out alive, you get more money for completing a heist with a full crew surviving.
* Don't try to kill everything during an assault, they'll just keep coming.
* Don't kill civilians. Not only does it increase the time you have to wait for a hostage trade, you'll also lose some money when you complete the heist. Shout at them with your use key (default is F) to get them to lie down, and then tie them down will cable ties.
* You can force security guards and police to cuff themselves by wounding them a bit and then shouting at them. They can be used for hostage trades, but they can be released by other police. This doesn't work during an assault, cops won't surrender during an assault.
Posted 08:48pm 03/3/12
Picked it up from Amazon the other day for $5 (for a steam key). Told a few of my mates to get it from there as well. Hoping to get some decent MP games of it going.
Posted 08:52pm 03/3/12
I downloaded it today cos of the free weekend thing, haven't tried it yet though. Does it have matchmaking like L4D or can you only play multiplayer if you actually organise it and have a group of people beforehand?
Posted 11:45pm 03/3/12
Its pretty fun, I was just playing with randoms and the server browser leaves a lot to be desired, but once I actually got into a few games it was fun. Don't think I'll buy it though
Posted 01:03am 04/3/12
Got a torrent of this a while back to test out. Was pretty fun although ammo was very limited at the start until i unlocked a few perks or whatever they were. I can see this being fun with mates for a few hours here and there but repetition could be a problem. I loved L4D1+2 versus mode because human opponents makes each game different (plus the random levels and spawns) but i think just playing against AI could be boring. Would rather play a versus mode like L4D.
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