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Post by Eorl @ 11:55am 02/03/12 | 24 Comments
Mojang, the guys behind the very famous sandbox-building Minecraft, have just released the latest patch, 1.2, adding a whole lot of awesome stuff to the very open-ended game.
  • New jungle biome
  • Added ocelots
  • Added cats
  • Added iron golems
  • New AI for mobs
  • Tame wolves can have puppies
  • Villagers will have children if there is room in their village
  • New map height limit (256 instead of 128)
  • New items and blocks
  • Doors have been updated so that double-doors work better with redstone
  • Added rare drops for mobs
  • Many other minor tweaks and fixes
  • Currently Jens "Jeb" Bergensten is leading development for Minecraft, as Markus "Notch" Persson has moved onto a new project in the development team, though that's not to say Minecraft has slowed down at all during the switch over. The current amount of sales for this extraordinary game is 5,125,567, which equals a lot of money for a independent title.

    Check out the patch 1.2 trailer below (warning: very corny) as well a leave us a comment below on your thoughts of the new patch, and if you're still playing feel free to share any latest creations in the world of Minecraft.

    minecraftmojangpatch 1.2released
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    Latest Comments
    Posted 01:43pm 02/3/12
    I want to get back into minecraft but I can't get the damn thing to run more than 30fps. It's like GTA4 it just flat out refuses to run any higher. I've used mods which claim to double speed, incresed the amount of memory javascript can use and nothing works. When a lot of things get on my screen at once it really starts to chug and for such a simple looking game my pc should be destroying it.
    Posted 01:54pm 02/3/12
    Cant wait to check out the new 1.2 feaures.

    Do i need to start a new game? I think i just need to travel far enough to load new chunks so that means setting up a new base in the far distance.
    Posted 02:13pm 02/3/12
    Don't think you have to load a new game Deadly, believe they will just start appearing.

    DM, it's due in part to being on Java, it just can't handle the on-the-fly creation, and it's just coded poorly.
    Posted 02:55pm 02/3/12
    With previous patches, it was either start a new game or load new chunks. My original game doesnt have abandoned mineshafts cause that was added later n i CBF travelling far enough to load new chunks so ive never been able to locate a stronghold to do that other type of portal.
    Posted 03:07pm 02/3/12
    I had a crack at minecraft the other day - not much has changed.
    What do you guys do in the game?
    I've just been digging around in rock, takes ages and is dark and boring?

    That game itself doesn't prompt you to do anything, or explains what the inventory items do, or what to craft or anything :/

    The only thing I know is to be underground when the zombies come out.

    last edited by thermite at 15:07:09 02/Mar/12
    Posted 03:28pm 02/3/12
    Google what to build/do in minecraft thermite - tree farm, wheat farm, animal farm, house, underwater world, floating world etc.

    I find its more fun with friends but ive played most of my various minecraft worlds solo. Mining undergrounds gets pretty boring quick, instead try to find giant crevasses or abandoned mineshafts that are more interesting and more plentiful with loot.

    Also, the game not prompting is kinda good or bad. It lets you do whatever you want. It could do with a in-game guide but for the time being, just refer to:
    Posted 03:40pm 02/3/12
    I checked out 1.0 a while ago. It's ok with a bit of crafting-guide cheating from the net, and just spending a few days generally screwing around making automatic train tracks between old and new bases, building elaborate mining tunnels, farms, etc, but it's pretty easy to hit a point where the game doesn't really have much for you to do. Would be nice if you could nurture villages, hire guards, fight off bandits and even kings, etc...

    Gotta admit that I was having a huge amount of fun for about three days though, which is perhaps all I'd ask of tons of games... Had slowly built south west with bigger and better castles, until there was a huge river part of my travel network with fully stocked boats waiting, it was kinda awesome. ;)
    Posted 03:42pm 02/3/12
    Google what to build/do in minecraft thermite


    great game.........


    basically I could be making anything I want in blender, or creating maps for tf2 or something cooler :/

    last edited by thermite at 15:42:54 02/Mar/12
    Posted 04:11pm 02/3/12
    Don't play it then, play something you like; nobody really gives a s*** about what you don't like and why you don't like it.
    Posted 05:38pm 02/3/12
    It's not all that different from looking up a crafting recipe or something for an mmo thermite. They could probably improve that part, but I guess there's some pleasure in finding a whole new thing that you can make out of the blue, which I often did. The game's challenge comes in with needing to eat, needing to not get blown up, needing to not fall into lava and lose all your stuff as I did once, etc...
    Posted 05:48pm 02/3/12
    I totally agree with thermite.
    Nobody with a decent amount of gaming experience would play minecraft.
    Posted 06:04pm 02/3/12
    Nobody with a decent amount of gaming experience would play minecraft.

    I disagree. The only games ive played a large amount over the past year or 2 is HON and Minecraft. Ive played a f***load of other games but most for only a few hours all up. Probably only a handful of games with 10hours racked up compared to the countless hours lost to HON and Minecraft.
    Posted 06:09pm 02/3/12
    I totally agree with thermite.
    Nobody with a decent amount of gaming experience would play minecraft.

    I've played games pretty much exclusively with my free time for like two decades... and got a few good days out of minecraft. It wasn't perfect, but it's a surprisingly good game, made by a very old gamer I suspect.

    I somehow ended up watching like eight episodes of this, which made me realise it might have more going for it than I thought.
    Posted 10:20am 03/3/12
    Oh joy, more useless-as-f*** changes...

    Jeb's taking a lesson out of notch's book... Promise the mod API is top priority, then do absolutely nothing but release s***...
    Posted 11:33am 03/3/12
    Oh joy, more useless-as-f*** changes...Jeb's taking a lesson out of notch's book... Promise the mod API is top priority, then do absolutely nothing but release s***...

    I guess you missed this:
    Posted 01:20am 04/3/12
    Oh joy, more useless-as-f*** changes...

    GTFO. Better mob AI, higher world height, improved villages etc. I know there are heaps of mods out there with other cool ideas but give them time. If they add s*** without proper testing it will just cause rage and f*** the game up.
    Posted 12:59pm 04/3/12
    I still dont get minecraft...or I dont get its usefulness
    Posted 01:06pm 04/3/12
    does ausgamers ahve a server yet?
    Posted 02:23pm 04/3/12
    GTFO. Better mob AI, higher world height, improved villages etc.

    WAY to little. WAY too late.
    Posted 02:28pm 04/3/12
    WAY to little. WAY too late.

    Millions disagree with you, and don't give a f***.
    Posted 02:38pm 04/3/12
    You think millions of people brought this game for any other reason then the hype? Most of those were during BETA when they claimed they would have full mod-support implemented and huge features like NPC/RPG system implemented before 1.0.

    Then after they made all the basic recepes which would take about 30minutes of play they all got bored and don't play anymore.

    So your wrong, again, millions we almost certainly agree with me. It's seams like only the few minority wouldn't.
    Posted 02:43pm 04/3/12
    millions we almost certainly agree with me. It's seams like only the few minority wouldn't.

    Disagree bro. Pretty sure there are more people happily playing with the slow updates than the few, loud people complaining about lack of progress. I dont give a f*** about mods or some crappy ass NPC/RPG system and i bought it in beta. I just wanna mine and build sweet s***.
    Posted 03:57pm 04/3/12
    Pharcyde, billions of flies eat s***, so get started mate.

    And as for my comment, it still stands. The build height is probably the only "useful" thing in the update (though I thought it was originally this high, so technically just getting a feature reset).

    The rest of the stuff is borderline useless (just like wolves).

    As I said, notch has been saying he'd do the modding API for yonks, then Jeb said something similar to "modding API will be top priority" when he took over.

    You might not want mods, but for the other million or two people who use them to make the game more fun, we're waiting on that damn API still.

    As for the better AI, it's basically "is it sunny? If yes, stand in shade. If no, be as derp as usual". The AI villages are still totally useless compared to something like millenaire. Cats were already in Mo' creatures and are just as useless.

    @Mantorok - That's still a long way from what was promised years ago, but hey, small step in the right direction.
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