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Post by Eorl @ 04:06pm 01/03/12 | 2 Comments
EA, 38 Studios, and Big Huge Games have unveiled their first DLC, The Legend of Dead Kel for Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning, the critically acclaimed open-world action role-playing game.

Featuring a mysterious tale of intrigue, danger and dark magic on the island of Gallows End, players will encounter shadowy characters and new enemies, and will experience a host of new side quests, treacherous battles and exciting new challenges.
The Legend of Dead Kel DLC and the story of Gallows End will feature:

An Epic New Questline – The Legend of Dead Kel is only part of the story of Gallows End. It intertwines with numerous side quests, multiple dungeons to explore and a colorful cast of characters

New Enemies, Dungeons, Items – Multiple new enemies and enemy variants, a new dungeon type: Dverga Fastings, three new Twists of Fate, eight new armor sets, eight new shields and 18 new unique weapons

The Ultimate Player Housing – Gravehal Keep is more than just player housing, it's a massive estate with multiple buildings and a full retinue of retainers, each with their own back stories, side quests, perks and quirks

Tons more to Explore – The Legend of Dead Kel DLC adds in more than 15% of additional land to traverse and explore in the already massively expansive world that is Amalur
Those eager to discover new and exciting places will have to wait until March 20th when the DLC will be available on Xbox Live, PlayStation Network, Origin and Steam.

Anyone still sitting on the fence and wants to know more can check out our in-depth review (AusGamers 8.7/10). You can also check out the screenshots below showing off some the lush details in this upcoming content expansion.

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Posted 04:21pm 01/3/12
Indeed, I read this today. Its nice to have some DLC for Reckoning so soon although it makes you wonder if this was left out of the original release as it seems to be the norm these days. Nonetheless Reckoning seems to be getting decent support with House of Valor and Dead Kel already out.
Posted 01:15pm 03/3/12
Quite an enjoyable game and for me the fable team at lionhead would be jealous. The more dlc for this game the better
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