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Post by Dan @ 11:29am 01/03/12 | 10 Comments
Following is presentation to Parliament on February 15th, the R18+ classification bill hit yet another hurdle as the Federal Opposition requested an inquiry. It was a little hair-tearing for some as the reasoning behind the request was due to not enough consultation having been performed on the matter -- a notion that would seem ridiculous to any of us that have been following this issue for the past few years and observed the abundance of consultation that has already been performed.

Fortunately, the inquiry has reached that same sane conclusion and it's official recomendation is that The House of Representatives pass the legislation (That you can read for youreslf in the full report. Thanks Kotaku).
The Committee recommends that the House of Representatives pass the Classification (Publications, Films and Computer Games) Amendment (R 18+ Computer Games) Bill 2012.
Refreshingly, the report is very clear that the matter has been sufficiently scrutinised and that the issue simply is not as controversial as minority groups such as the Australian Christian Lobby would have us believe.
The Committee is satisfied that the evidence demonstrates overwhelming support for an R18+ Restricted classification for computer games. The Committee further notes that the Bill’s aim is not controversial. Rather, it seeks to align the existing classification system for computer games with the system that applies to films.
Now lets just hope this same level of sanity sees the bill swiftly through the rest of the Parliamentary process.


Latest Comments
Reverend Evil
Posted 11:30am 01/3/12
F*** politicians know how to waste money. I knew this would happen.
Posted 01:44pm 01/3/12
Can we use this whole case study to show that the harder the ACL argues for something, the less valid it is? After all the noise they made, only 2% were shown to be against introduction of it. Man I hate these self-righteous FWits :(
Posted 02:11pm 01/3/12
The harder a religious group argues for something the less valid it is

This will now be known as "Raven's Razor".

Reading that document was very encouraging. It's common sense and no doubt this will be pushed through now.
Posted 02:46pm 01/3/12
FYI. Report starts on page 13/16.
Posted 04:08pm 01/3/12
Well the Liberals would ask for an inquiry because Abbot is a god botherer and is buddies with the ACL. You won't see Gillard in bed with the ACL.
Posted 05:19pm 01/3/12
So when will this legislation actually be passed?
Posted 05:21pm 01/3/12
When two thirds of the Australian public light a black, rose scented candle and chant I'm a human with free will, not a sheep that follows the Shepard's directions.
Posted 05:37pm 01/3/12
You won't see Gillard in bed with the ACL.
any opportunity to bring up labor vs liberal bulls*** huh...
Posted 01:43am 02/3/12
religious lobbies.. only good for retarding the progress of the human species
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