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Post by IVY_MiKe @ 10:17pm 29/02/12 | 18 Comments
A keen eye on the forums, IVY_MiKe has noticed that the latest flight simulator from Microsoft has now been released and is free-to-play, the very first of the long running series.
The sky's the limit! Now anyone can enjoy the fun, freedom and adventure of flight. Feel the power at your fingertips as you take to the skies and launch into thrilling missions and exciting challenges over the free-to-play Big Island of Hawaii. Take off today and fly into the ever-expanding world of Microsoft Flight
Currently it seems the game is limited to the Hawaii section, however with a free-to-play model hopefully this means we can pick and choose our destinations, something that will be a great new experience for those flying types.

Head over to the official website where you can find the download, and we will try our best to get a local version as soon as possible. You can also set your destination to our game page, where we have breathtaking screenshots as well as news and trailers.

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Latest Comments
Posted 11:50pm 29/2/12
was looking forward to this for quite some time....after about 10mins of play it appears to be a steaming pile of arcade s***.
Posted 12:52am 01/3/12
I don't understand many flight sims. What really differentiates them? I understand the enjoyment of seeing how well a development team can reproduce reality and done in some form of accomplishment like managing to fly a plane. But trying to draw pigs with a pencil rammed up your nose is real and difficult too and no one is trying to do that are they. So is this it, lets just fly a plane? Again?
Posted 01:01am 01/3/12
Obviously different people use flight sims for different reasons but I (and I know a lot of other people) use them to practice flying an aeroplane. Much cheaper and more convenient and for certain aspects of flying a good flight sim is nearly as good as the real thing.
Posted 01:13am 01/3/12
Oh and as to what differentiates them - how thoroughly they reflect actually flying a plane. Practicing real in flight procedures is obviously pointless in an arcade type flight sim.

There are only really two proper home user civillian flight sims. MS Fsx and X-Plane. Both are very good. Both have planes that respond somewhat like real planes. Minor dIfferences In things like user interface and the way planes respond to certain undesirable states of flight eg. spins. Otherwise either one would do for practicing something like navigation techniques.
Posted 01:36am 01/3/12
3... 2... 1.... overpriced DLC explosion!
Posted 01:44am 01/3/12
what's not to like about sims? unless you haven't used one with a 6DOF hci device like a track ir or just figured out the toggle key for getting the mouse look working...

on a similar topic, i've been spending a bit of time in the MD-500E in Take On Helicopters in my spare time recently... they've really gotten it right with fun challenge modes and time trials to keep it interesting.

So is Flight backwards compatible with the extensibility market that's built around FS200x/FSX or a complete start from scratch?
Posted 04:31am 01/3/12
I haven't managed to actually get into the sim atm, (and probably won't for a few days yet) but I found the 'online marketplace' and yea... expensive DLC is expensive...

$8 for the P-51 (no-c***pit view)
$15 for the 'maule'
$19 for the 'Hawaii map pack'

I like the concept that MS have gone for with the 'modular' title (buy as much of the game as you want to play) but if this is an indication of what's to come as far as pricing is concerned, I think a lot of ppl will pass on this game.

I highly doubt any of FSX is compatible with MSF, I am curious to see 2 things:
1) what they do as far as 'release schedule' for additional content (and see if the price improves at all) and
2) if they open up the DLC end of the market to all the 3rd party devs that breath so much life into the MS Flight Sim titles.
Posted 04:35am 01/3/12
i just tried it out, not a fan.
Posted 08:51am 01/3/12
3... 2... 1.... overpriced DLC explosion!
I imagine this is how the meeting at which the product was conceived proceeded:
Person 1: Let's make a great DLC product
Person 2: Yeah good idea, we'll reel suckers in by making the user interface and two minutes worth of gameplay free then ass ream parents when they're kids buy the world expansion pack for $15 times a bajillion on the parent's credit cards
Person 1: DLC DLC DLC. Done. We'll devote 15 hours of development time.
Person 2: OK Cool. Meeting over.
Person 1: Hey wait...let's put aeroplanes in this product!!!
Person 2: Great idea planes = $!!!

unless you haven't used one with a 6DOF hci device like a track ir
I couldn't Track IR to work. Although admitedly I only spent about 5 mins trying. Did it work for you?
Posted 09:43am 01/3/12
^ they're = their
Posted 11:29pm 01/3/12
who is this aimed at ? I have purchased every FS since MS Flight Sim 2....could not afford a computer for FS 1... :). But his is crapola... and aimed at who ? I think they should of keep the doors closed.... I guess X Plane must be lol....
Posted 11:41pm 01/3/12
Posted 11:48pm 01/3/12
MS can stick this in their ass. I hate this marketing model.
If each component was half what they are asking, maybe I'd think about it. But at these prices no chance.
Posted 08:55am 02/3/12
Yep - have you tried X-Plane 10? If so how does it compare with FSX?
Posted 03:12pm 02/3/12
I have only used X-Plane on a Simulation Certification Course, the professional version. That was a couple of years ago. I have now given up on MS and downloading the X-Plane 10 (demo) now. I guess this community will now grow.

From the X-Plane 10 web page it looks like they have improve the graphics/visuals . ...let see how this goes. I am very confident the flight model will be as good as you can get for the PC.
Posted 05:32pm 02/3/12
I am very confident the flight model will be as good as you can get for the PC.

That reads like one of the 'splash advertising' reviews on the back of a game box :P

I'm by no means defending MSF as it is; it's pricing is totally backwards.
As for the 'community', yea, it would appear that MS have completely shut them out :(
Posted 08:40am 03/3/12
The flight models in X-Plane are better than MSF... have been for awhile. But the fidelity differences would not be picked up by most ppl. MSF still has a better rendered c***pit , even the new one. But the new one handles like a game... not a simulation.
Posted 10:26am 03/3/12
So is this MSF a bit less sim-focused and more arcadey? Disappointed to hear the feedback so far. Anyone able to provide some more detailed info? I'm overseas for the next week and my laptop can't really handle it so keen to find out a bit more!!
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