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Post by Eorl @ 02:27pm 29/02/12 | 45 Comments
Before Mass Effect, Star Wars: The Old Republic and Dragon Age there was Baldur's Gate. This was Bioware's most iconic series ever, and it influenced the likes of many games, including Bioware's own Dragon Age series. Taking place in the Forgotten Realms, the Baldur's Gate series offered players something that had never really been seen, the ability to pause and be tactical, planning attacks and movement.

In 2001, Black Isle mentioned that they were working on a new Baldur's Gate III, with the title "The Black Hound", using a completely new 3D engine. The Black Hound was originally going to be a departure from the high-powered epic of the Bhaalspawn saga to a low-key, roleplaying plot. However, in 2003 news came that it was canned, never to see the light of day. 2004 rolled around, and IGN reported that work had been started again on the series, but it was however bought by Atari.

Zoom through to 2012, where a mysterious site has popped up and caused quite a stir on the internet. This website is being claimed as a new sign of life for the ground breaking series, one that could make many fans cry with joy. AU Gamespot is reporting that GameBanshee, a company that was cofounded by Trent Oster, a BioWare veteran who held various roles working games ranging from Neverwinter Nights to Dragon Age, is working on a new Baldur's Gate title.
Speaking to GameBanshee, Oster confirmed only that his company has an announcement on the horizon, and that announcement does not pertain to the rumored Steam rereleases of the original games. A Beamdog representative confirmed this statement for GameSpot.
With all this news buzzing around, may we soon see a modern rendition of Baldur's Gate, the very series that catapulted a lot of gamers into the RPG genre.

Another interesting note is if you view the page source of the rumoured website, a cryptic form of text is hidden in the script, mentioning the Infinity Engine which was used in the previous Baldur's Gate series.
-- February 28, 2012 --
-- Shadowy Figure- Raise Dead : Infinity Engine --

-- For years, I clung to the memory of it. Then the memory of the memory. --

-- And then... it returned. Better than it was before. --

-- Pore over the tapestries and works of art hanging from our walls if you wish, Child of Bhaal... perhaps you will find a clue. But patience, ah... patience would reveal it all. --
Hopefully more information will be revealed soon, but for now, keep your eyes peeled! Let us know in the comments if you ever played the iconic series, and what would you like to see in a series reboot?

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Latest Comments
Posted 02:37pm 29/2/12
Woo (only valid response).
Posted 02:39pm 29/2/12
Reboot this, Hexen and Blood. Gaming can then stop for all I care.
Posted 02:40pm 29/2/12
The text changes also.

The person who wrote it is monitoring places like RPG Watch and responding in a very cryptic way.

I very much want to see an RPG that does not deviate much from the original, mechanic wise.

I want 4-6 party members both pre-gen characters and characters that I can create from scratch. I want, at the least, pause-able combat, an in depth character skill system that includes much more then just combat skills. I want it to be a Full blown RPG not a stupid Action-RPG.

I want a lot, and it better deliver.
Posted 02:41pm 29/2/12
Would absolutely love for this to be true. The Baldurs Gate series are probably still my favourite games to this day.

Personally i would just love for it to be true to the original games, i'm almost afraid its going to get turned into a first person shooter or something with the way game companies are going these days lol
Posted 03:04pm 29/2/12
god I hope this rumour is true
Posted 03:16pm 29/2/12
I must be one of the few people who never liked Baldur's Gate. Not that it was a bad game, I'm sure it was a very well made game, but it was just one of those games I could never get into, despite trying multiple times. It just never managed to hold my interest and the mechanics turned me off :(
Posted 03:31pm 29/2/12
Are you referring to the original Baldurs Gate Khel?
Posted 03:38pm 29/2/12
the ability to pause and be tactile
You mean tactical.
Posted 04:05pm 29/2/12
Are you referring to the original Baldurs Gate Khel?

Yeah, the original one, the one that was on PC on like 6 cds or whatever it was. So many people I know loved it, but it just never grabbed me, and I gave it a few goes too cos people kept telling me how good it was, but yeah, it never struck a chord with me.
Posted 04:06pm 29/2/12
Tried to find an AGN referrer link for the BG series on GOG and can't find the page on the site ><

Can you get me a referrer link before I buy it at all Eorl or trog or someone?!
Posted 04:08pm 29/2/12
Don't think we have one at this moment sadly, will get back to you if I find out anything more.
Posted 04:15pm 29/2/12
Oh well bought it!

You should get one maybe, a bg3 announcement might stir some sales.
Posted 04:25pm 29/2/12
Hog, I'm presuming you haven't played them - Baldurs Gate 1 had a special edition with some expansiony stuff built right in, whereas Baldurs Gate II had a followup expansion which was pretty epic, and finished the story. Baldurs Gate II was perhaps the better enormous story, but Baldurs Gate 1 is still damn awesome. I interchanged numerical lettering with 1 and II here frivolously and should be judged for it.
Posted 04:33pm 29/2/12
Have played them all! I'm a bit of an old rpg geek, was addicted to gold box games as a kid. Wonder if GOG has them too.

Anyway never quite finished BG2, got up to the mind flayers a couple of times? Haven't played any of the expansion either so the gog complete pack has a bit of new content in it :p
Posted 04:35pm 29/2/12
Baldure's Gate 2 and Tales of the Sword Coast are a must play.
Posted 04:39pm 29/2/12
Please no.

New Bioware will undoubtedly butcher it.
Posted 04:51pm 29/2/12
I totally alerted you to this news, achievement?
Posted 04:54pm 29/2/12
Wasn't it Black Isle that made it anyway, not bioware per se? From reading the article on kotaku about it, sounds like its not Bioware making this one anyway, its a little indie company started by an ex-Bioware employee. If it was owned by Atari, maybe they sold it when they went tits up and he got the rights to it cheap.
Posted 04:56pm 29/2/12
Dragon Age 1 was sort of what it should be like. Something deep inside me will snap if the game is like Dragon Age 2..
Posted 05:21pm 29/2/12
Ugh, they'll probably turn it into an FPS...
Posted 05:48pm 29/2/12
Yeah the OP went through history, but at the end I said that an ex-bioware employee is developing it.
Posted 08:52pm 29/2/12
Awesome, don't mind a 3rd whatsoever! Bring back the Nameless One too I say!
Posted 08:59pm 29/2/12
Also, right at the bottom of the source on the page another hidden message:

Posted 09:00pm 29/2/12
"As the silver moon waxes and wanes, so too does life"
Posted 09:10pm 29/2/12
Please don't f*** this up Please don't f*** this up Please don't f*** this up Please don't f*** this up Please don't f*** this up Please don't f*** this up Please don't f*** this up Please don't f*** this up Please don't f*** this up
Posted 09:18pm 29/2/12
Awesome, don't mind a 3rd whatsoever! Bring back the Nameless One too I say!

I was partway into Planescape a few years ago, when my game corrupted and I couldn't enter a house, which was after already starting again due to poor character choices or something. I've been really hoping for a fan remake of the calibre of the quest for glory and kings quest stuff.

Also Hanger18, be sure to use the edit button lest the mods smite thee for triple posting. ;)
Posted 11:25pm 29/2/12
The website has just been updated again, with more cryptic messages. A HD re-release maybe?
Posted 03:41am 01/3/12
HD BG1+2 and I'd pay 100$ no questions asked - absolutely loved BG2, liked BG1 but never got through it.
Posted 10:51am 01/3/12
There is talk that it could be a iPad port, as there where comments about iMacs and such.

If it is a HD remake I'll be all over it. If it is a new game entirely with same mechanics, I'll be all over it. (loved infinity engine games). If it is an iPad port I'll be a sad panda indeed, mainly because I don't and won't have an iPad.
Posted 10:53am 01/3/12
Two new messages today
-- Take heart fellow adventurers, for you have curried the favor of Boo, the only miniature giant space hamster in the Realm! --
-- I can teach you how to use your wrath. --
Who is Boo, and why is he a giant space hamster?
Posted 11:59am 01/3/12
Who is Boo, and why is he a giant space hamster?

... you know not whom Boo is? Neanderthal! Boo is the one and only miniature giant space hamster. Companion to Minsc, warrior extraordinaire , lover of ladies and something that squeaks when you try to take him from Minsc's backpack.
Posted 10:27pm 01/3/12
Stuff's coming to Steam it seems. From Steam's files:

Posted 10:29pm 01/3/12
Apparently that was already in the works before this site appeared, will be interesting though.
Posted 10:41pm 01/3/12
Go for the eyes Boo!
Posted 10:48pm 01/3/12
Posted 11:17pm 01/3/12
Have played them all! I'm a bit of an old rpg geek, was addicted to gold box games as a kid. Wonder if GOG has them too.

Yeah they were bloody awesome. The later games were made by Bioware and Black Isle based on 3rd & 4th edition D&D rules, but the Gold Box games were made by SSI based on 2nd edition rules (AD&D), which will always be how D&D is supposed to work in my mind :P
Edit: Or not... seems Baldur's Gate, Icewind Dale & Planescape Torment were 2nd Ed as well, I must be thinking of NWN

GOG doesn't have any of the Gold Box games yet. I'm betting they haven't forgotten about them though if not actively trying to get them. It seems over the years Ubisoft has ended up with the IP. The TSR/WotC licensing deal struck years ago and Ubisoft's general f*** you attitude to gamers may be complicating things.
Posted 12:05am 02/3/12
2nd edition worked well for cRPG's, 3rd and above never did seem to gel very well in computer game terms, many hardcore D&D players also think 4th edition was balls.
Posted 12:22am 02/3/12
That was mostly what turned me off it, the stupid rules and mechanics and obscure acronyms like THACO and armor values where higher armor was a bad thing. Was very counter-intuitive. It also had that stupid thing where you had to memorise spells and could only use them a certain number of times each day and had to meditate to get them back or whatever, I just didn't like it and didn't think it worked well as far as game mechanics went, but I'm obviously in the minority.
Posted 01:22am 02/3/12
Haha I remember being constantly f***ed over by the confusion of THACO and lowering armour values and the like, took me two whole games before I was really understanding what was going on. Was awesome, a challenge like that is character building stuff, all games should be that un-sensical.
Posted 12:14pm 06/3/12
Just an update, new page source messages.
!-- March 5, 2012 --
!-- Shadowy Figure- Raise Dead : Infinity Engine --
!-- "She left me to die. YOU left me to die. But Shar... Shar wanted me to live." --

!-- "If you wish me dead, brother, it must be by your hand. No one else." --
I have no clue what this means, but hopefully something comes out soon.
Posted 07:01pm 06/3/12
Infinity Engine was the engine used for Baldurs Gate, Planescape, Icewind Dale, etc. Casting raise dead on it, sounds like a HD release.
Posted 07:11pm 06/3/12
Rofl Nerfy, a bit late to the party there.

IT may be more then that as there have been comments on one of the developers blogs babbling about iMac and doing modeling work and perhaps backgrounds..

Shar was an evil character you could recruit that ended up being related to The corrupted flaming Fist guy. IT may be that he didn't die in a finalish battle and he could be boss? In which case, a HD re-release with addon at the least?

Hopefully it will be a PC exclusive because I'd hate to see what they would do to the game to make it work on a console...
Posted 07:21pm 06/3/12
Rofl Nerfy, a bit late to the party there.

I don't understand?
Posted 12:28pm 07/3/12
Shar is an evil Goddess I think.

Shar is also Viconia's deity.
Posted 10:27pm 07/3/12
baldur's gate etc have been on GOG for a while now for those wondering
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