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Post by Dan @ 10:23am 27/02/12 | 2 Comments
As Steve pointed out in our launch impressions of the recently released PlayStation Vita, despite the calibre of gaming on the device being quite high, the user experience of the interface and its social features are quite lacking.

Unfortunately it looks like they've taken another hit just days after the Australian launch as the Facebook app is now absent from the PlayStation Store, following users not actually being able to login to thier accounts with it. Sony of course is placing the blame in old Zuckerberg's court, as something in the FB auth process was recently changed, but we can't help but feel this is just Sony facing the reality of their own closed-system "walled-garden" approach to PlayStation Vita applications.

If they employed a similar application environment to Apple iOS or Android devices, Facebook (and Twitter and Google and Yahoo etc etc) could have simply supplied their own app for Vita owners. Instead, all of the social Apps on the Vita (presently Twitter, Flikr and FourSquare) are listed as having been developed by Sony Computer Entertainment Europe. Sadly, there's not even a proper category for non-gaming apps as currently they are all confusingly filed under the "Games" section of the PlayStation Store.

Of course, PlayStation Vita owners can still access Facebook via the console's web browser, but for a system that already faces an uphill battle against the rising popularity of smartphone gaming, they're really going to have to do better than this in the non-gaming software department. Fortunately, the games are good and the hardware has a lot of potential.

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Posted 10:33am 27/2/12
Facebook's API is a riddle wrapped up in an enigma.

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Posted 10:54am 27/2/12
Its like the whole world has some facebook addiction
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