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Post by Eorl @ 11:35am 24/02/12 | 7 Comments
According to Official Xbox Magazine it seems a new Medal of Honor title is in the works by Danger Close, titled Warfighter, that will be showcased on their April edition. This new title will be a follow up the reboot of the old franchise and is set to change up the pace of current modern FPS's. Apparently this new title will be using the latest Frostbite 2.0 engine, the same one used for Battlefield 3 and Need for Speed The Run.

Also being reported is that multiplayer is going to be handled in-house this time, unlike the previous Medal of Honor title that had DICE handle the mutliplayer. Will this title finally be the breakthrough that Medal of Honor needs to really sit itself among the modern FPS titles?

Currently there is only the one picture, a soldier that appears to not have as much beard as the previous Medal of Honor cover had. Leave us a comment on your thoughts, and if your still playing the current Medal of Honor as well.

danger closeeafrostbite 2.0medal of honor
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Latest Comments
Posted 12:08pm 24/2/12
Medal of Honor: The call of duty to battlefield.

They're all the same.
Posted 12:14pm 24/2/12
Definitely needs more beard.
Posted 01:11pm 24/2/12
The next FPS to not be some sort of COD iteration/copy, I will buy
Posted 01:12pm 24/2/12
I didn't mind the first, but I actually never finished the SP. I should prob go and do that.

The MP was really under rated. Although I treated it as an Afghanistan add on to BC2. Which is really what it was. Not quite enough to stand on it's own as a long term thing. Similar to BC2:Vietnam. I still jump on and play it here and there.

I hope they can do something similar but bigger and better this time. Maybe with out DICE it will feel more like it's own thing.
Posted 07:02pm 24/2/12
I don't see Stalfax buying any FPS anytime soon......
Posted 07:03pm 24/2/12
Posted 09:00pm 24/2/12
The next FPS to not be some sort of COD iteration/copy, I will buy

Arma 3
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