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Post by Dan @ 09:54am 24/02/12 | 5 Comments
We're still a few months out from launch, but Rockstar have already shared a heaping helping of in-game media from their upcoming Max Payne 3. We've been a little burned out on sharing new developments as they trickle out three stills at a time, but figured we'd make an exception with these latest guys as they're the first look at the higher fidelity PC version of the game.

That's right, all the previous screenshots we've seen so far have been from the console offerings. Annoying Rockstar have told us to "stay tuned for more detailed information including special graphics hardware support and enhancements", so we're going to have to wait for yet another trickle to find out what additional technical wizardry the desktop version will be receiving, but you can check out the new images below, or swing by our May Payne 3 game page for the rest.

Max Payne 3 is due on PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 on May 18th 2012.

max payne 3screenshotsrockstar games
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Latest Comments
Posted 11:01am 24/2/12
Haha! That last screenshot almost looks like the Carlton FC logo!
Posted 01:15pm 24/2/12

looks almost identical exept the bigger C has been turned into a G
Posted 01:22pm 24/2/12
Was thinking the same thing when I saw the post.
Steve Farrelly
Posted 05:01pm 24/2/12
My team
Posted 05:55pm 24/2/12
Man, the bald Max look sooo like Mr White from BB. Awesome.
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