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Post by Dan @ 01:31am 23/02/12 | 18 Comments
Gearbox Software and 2K Games have revealed that the sequel to their successful cooperative open-world shooter Borderlands 2 will touch down on PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 on September 20 2012. As seems almost obligatory for retail games these days, you can get a bunch of additional in-game trinkets if you pre-order, although Australia-specific retailer info is not yet available.

The latest trailer shows off a generous portion of gameplay and demonstrates many of the new features and improvements that are in store for this new journey to Pandora. Check out the embedded clip below (thanks eXemplar).

borderlands 2trailerrelease date
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Latest Comments
Posted 10:31am 23/2/12
It looks like Axton uses Sentries just like the Soldier. That's a lil' lame, ain't it? :/ I guess it's too early to complain but I hope it's something more unique.
Posted 10:35am 23/2/12
I hope they make the co-op more drop-in/drop-out friendly, while I enjoyed the first game I never ended up playing as much of it as I wanted to because all the gamespy s*** was annoying and a hassle to use then actually finding a game with people who were up to the same part of the story as you (so you didn't get locked out of doing quests) was a pain.
Posted 10:42am 23/2/12
Posted 10:51am 23/2/12
I hope the entire PC version isn't as halfarsed as the original.
Posted 10:57am 23/2/12
sweeet, so come nov/dec, I can feel a weekend lan fest to explore this good'in
Posted 11:05am 23/2/12
sounds very similar to The Prodigy, which it probably is.
I actually was thinking that if prodigy made dubstep this would sound like them.

I haven't really listened to much from prodidgy since fat of the land though, except for a few singles of course.

Which is a shame because they're pretty great.
Posted 04:06pm 23/2/12
Awesome, dates. Talking about hopes, I hope they don't make crappy boring expansions again. The game craves more items and all they seem to hand out are longer maps. Some nice effects would be a pleasant surprise too. Another thing that got old fast with the original was the characters comments, each character must have had 3 things they uttered over and over through the entire experience.
Posted 08:55pm 23/2/12
trailer looks awsome... loved the first one didnt get to play it much though would be sweet to see where its been taken in terms of gameplay
Posted 09:06pm 23/2/12
Farcry 3, Syndicate and now this .. f*****g dubstep >_<
Posted 09:39pm 23/2/12
Song is Nero - Doomsday, if anyone was wondering.

Posted 10:14pm 23/2/12
trailer looks awesome, the first one really grew on me. Finished it a few times in single and a few times in co-op. Very fun co-op game if u have other mates that play it
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