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Post by Zakson @ 12:18am 23/02/12 | 38 Comments
EA's much anticipated reboot of Syndicate is now available on Origin, to everyone other than those living in Australia.
Set in 2069, Syndicate takes players into a dark, Machiavellian world where corporations are vying for market dominance. With no government to question their intentions or actions, mega corporations are at the forefront of this war. Stepping into the mind of Miles Kilo, Eurocorp’s latest prototype agent, gamers embark on a brutal action adventure full of corruption and revenge.

Syndicate features the talents of celebrated actors Rosario Dawson (Sin City, Men in Black II) and Brian Cox (The Bourne Identity), who take on the roles of cutthroat executives working for the biggest and most aggressive syndicate. The engaging storyline was penned by award-winning sci-fi writer Richard Morgan (Altered Carbon, Thirteen) who has brought these deeply conflicted characters to life in an unforgiving world where violence, corruption, technology and betrayal have become the everyday tools of business.
You can check out the launch trailer below if you missed it, and if you have somehow procured yourself a copy, let us know in the comments on your thoughts.

Buy now from GOG.com Only USD$5.99!
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Latest Comments
Posted 01:16am 23/2/12
I know of a few Australians that have successfully purchased and procured it already. Which is kind of amusing considering that if it was still launching here, it wouldn't be available until tomorrow (it launches on Friday in New Zealand).

Anyone who is using various methods of regional circumvention and has successfully bought and installed the game on PC, it would be great to hear where and how you went about it. Likewise for anyone ordering an import on console.
Posted 12:55am 23/2/12
Wicked, picking this up tomorrow.
Posted 01:34am 23/2/12
I'm holding off to hear more about the coop, tbh.
Posted 01:56am 23/2/12
so im hearing rumours that its really good?!?
Posted 10:38am 23/2/12
I ordered a copy for 360 from ozgameshop, hopefully it arrives without dramas. I was tossing up whether to try and do fancy vpn stuff and get a PC copy, but it was cheaper on 360 from ozgameshop, and I doubt I'm going to end up playing much of the multiplayer anyway since most of the people playing it will be from overseas so lag is going to suck. Shame, cos the co-op sounds cool :(
Posted 10:43am 23/2/12
Just out of curiosity, how long does Ozgameshop take? I ordered Dark Souls on Tuesday so wondering when I'll end up seeing it. Sorry to go off beat.

Back on topic, I think I'll get this on PC, looks to be a really solid title, and if I convince my friends to get it we can at least do co-op.
Posted 10:50am 23/2/12
I usually get stuff from there within 4 to 5 working days, so if you ordered it on tuesday I probably wouldn't expect it before the weekend, but probably on monday. Might get lucky and get it on friday, I guess it depends when they shipped it too.
Posted 11:06am 23/2/12
I ordered on Intkeys this morning, I'll let you know how that goes.
Posted 11:38am 23/2/12
I've had OzGameShop orders purchased on a Monday arrive by Friday, then other times I've had them take like 3 weeks. They send the orders out promptly though, so I guess it just depends on your luck with the post.
Posted 12:22pm 23/2/12
As far as I'm aware, OzGameShop is a Drop Shipper, so it really depends on which location they use to send the item. Most of my orders have taken 2 weeks.

I held off the "Buy Now", looking at other options after Dan's post, curious to see what people come up with for getting around the various blocks.
Posted 12:46pm 23/2/12
I can't believe that this game is banned here but the darkness 2 was good to go. Wrinkles my brain...
Posted 03:21pm 23/2/12
Does anyone know if the EA downloader will still work OK if a key is purchased, ie here:

Posted 03:28pm 23/2/12
Based on past experiences with Origin, I'd say yes, it will still work, because people bought keys for BF3 and for Star Wars and put them into origin and they worked.
Posted 04:25pm 23/2/12
Well, i ordered mine off of Amazon and it arrived today. Sadly Origin is telling me that i can't play it until 22:00 tonight.
I'll let you know after then.
Posted 07:49pm 23/2/12
Origin key from Intkeys seems to have worked, game install is at 90%, took them around ten hours to send me the key for USD$32.99.

*EDIT* Installed and runs, but says I have to wait until 2100 to play. Boo.

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Posted 08:14pm 23/2/12
Might be able to trigger a sooner unlock with a VPN like people did for BF3.
Posted 08:23pm 23/2/12
Wait what, they delayed Australian unlocks?! F*ck that, all over the VPN...

*EDIT* $1.99 for a three day VPN from VPN Traffic, game unlocked. Stupid delayed Australian releases, show you...

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Posted 08:16pm 23/2/12
My download is at 80%. I ragged on origin a lot but 1 thing is for sure, they have some damn fine content servers. My max download is about 800kb/s and right now i'm somehow getting between 900kb - 1mb. Go figure. Never seen speeds this high.
Posted 11:20pm 23/2/12
Should be approaching game time for you guys, anyone jumped in yet?
Posted 11:23pm 23/2/12
Playing it now on hardest difficulty and yeah, it is quite hard. AI knows when to cover and attack and how to use riot shield units to advance on you. Gives you a good, decent feeling of being in a firefight way more than any other game i've played in awhile. I can already see people about to complain about the FoV (though it doesn't bother me) and the incredible amounts of bloom and colour (which againt don't worry me). The nightclub i'm in at the moment is like all blue and red which almost blinds you but makes the action that much more crazy I feel. Well worth the $32 it cost me. Not touched Multi yet.
Posted 11:35pm 23/2/12
Sounds great, except the FOV bit. Minimum 110 imo.
Posted 11:58pm 23/2/12
Wicked, will have to get it next week.
Posted 11:59pm 23/2/12
Site below lists keys from various sellers, all a little over $30:

Game seems alright from the limited vids ive watched. Need a good solo FPS cause its been dry lately. Rage the best in recent memory and thats pretty sad.
Posted 12:04am 24/2/12
Just finished the first boss fight and loled hard when skrillex started playing. Usually i'd rag on it but for some reason it sounded like it really suited the fight given that he was a very high speed acrobatic type boss.

Anyway the part right after the boss I thought was rather sadistic and I would wager is what helped it get banned here. Spoiler:
your backup guy just walks calmly through a train carriage shooting civilians in the face who are sitting in their seats and screaming/crying
. Play hard mode too, makes things much more fun.
Posted 01:45am 24/2/12
Yeah, so far its pretty awesome. Great graphics, good attention to detail and downright ruthless.
Posted 04:21pm 24/2/12
G'day guys, I've purchased a key via g2play. Do I have to use VPN to download from Origin? When I visit there, it detects aussie IP and doesn't show the game. Or maybe I've missed something.. ?

Ta, Pat.
Posted 04:27pm 24/2/12
When you get your key you should still be able to add it to origin without seeing the game. Then once you've added the key, the game will show up in the screen with all the ones you own and you can download it from there.
Posted 05:10pm 24/2/12
@Khel, thanks very much, that worked a treat. Now just to wait for my off-peak time to download!
Regards, Pat.
Posted 02:23pm 25/2/12
Bought from intKeys, key didn't work. F*****g pissed off now.
Posted 02:27pm 25/2/12
Tried with and without hyphens, triple checked the key. Nothing.
Posted 06:21pm 25/2/12
Dude, it's two keys. One is for the "Executive Package" or some such. The email will have the two keys on two separate lines, use one then the other. Or paste the whole lot in, find the space separating the two keys, and cut one of them out.

Confused me at first. For about two minutes.

*EDIT* To clarify, there's one key of four four-character groups, then a second key of five four-character groups.

last edited by StopShootingMe at 18:21:09 25/Feb/12
Posted 04:25am 26/2/12
Dude, it's two keys. One is for the "Executive Package" or some such. The email will have the two keys on two separate lines, use one then the other. Or paste the whole lot in, find the space separating the two keys, and cut one of them out.

Confused me at first. For about two minutes.

*EDIT* To clarify, there's one key of four four-character groups, then a second key of five four-character groups.last edited by StopShootingMe at 18:21:09 25/Feb/12

Cheers SSM, worked like a charm. Feel like a bit of an idiot now. Hahaha.

Was not aware I bought the executive package as well.
Posted 06:47pm 26/2/12
Lol just finished it. Bit dissapointing really, very quick.
Posted 08:15pm 26/2/12
Lol just finished it. Bit dissapointing really, very quick.

Wait what, you finished it in 2 hours? Though I haven't really played much, the bloom in that game is just way to high. It's like walking into the sun.
Posted 08:55pm 26/2/12
So, anyone had any luck getting random co-op to work? I've got no friends :(
Posted 10:57pm 26/2/12
^ Eventually works if I leave it long enough... laggy as hell but :(
Posted 12:05am 27/2/12
Well most of the people playing would be overseas since it wasn't available here
Posted 12:14am 27/2/12
Wait what, you finished it in 2 hours?

lol, check the posts. Not 2 hours apart, 14 hours.
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