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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 12:50pm 21/02/12 | 5 Comments
Globally, there was no denying the 3DS got off to a shaky start. A lot of issues could be cited with its launch, but we'll put it right down to a pure lack of compelling, hardware-moving software. There were no uber-solid launch titles, and the promise of more down the track likely left punters waiting for that, and any inevitable price-drops.

Andriasang, the go-to East-to-West gaming news blog now reports that in the Land of the Rising Sun, despite the aforementioned slow start, the 3DS has broken hardware sales records, moving five million units in just 52 weeks. Previously this record was held by the DS (56 weeks) and before it the Game Boy Advance (58 weeks).

Meanwhile, Sony's PS Vita still struggles in Japan, though its Western release this month may help steady its global launch (we'll have more on the device and launch titles soon, so stay tuned).

Click the Andriasang link to have a look at a nifty chart following each of Nintendo's aforementioned handhelds' sales over a 52 week period.

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Posted 01:02pm 21/2/12
I tried playing one. My eyes hurt within a few minutes even though I have no issues with 3D films.

Same thing with that 3D Samsung phone.
Posted 02:43pm 21/2/12
I notice attribution of the sales surge being related to the price drop in the comments... except the sales surge coincides with the release of Monster Hunter Tri G and announcement that Monster Hunter 4 would also be on the DS. (Oh and release of Mario Kart 7)

Seriously those games are like f*****g crack over here.

Posted 02:52pm 21/2/12
interesting 3dee, I reckon the 3DS is lightyears ahead of cinema when it comes to eye strain and ease of viewing, but some of the launch games really didnt get how to properly implement the 3d effects. Mario Kart and 3D Land are some great examples of how to do 3d right.
Posted 04:01pm 21/2/12
To some degree. I think the viewing angle affects the usability.

I am struggling not trade it in for a Vita, to be honest. I know I won't, but it constantly crosses my mind. I just wish there was more software to choose from.

Currently I have Ghost Recon (AMAZING!), Mario 3D Land and Ocarina of Time. Unfortunately OoT is not the best for mobile gaming. You need to be able to shut it for a couple of days and pick up where you left off... with Zelda I have NFI what I should be doing and the helper idol/totem things are no help (as I've mentioned on this site before, I've never finish OoT).

The dual analog addon looks so silly, as well!!
Posted 10:30pm 21/2/12
If the 3DS had have launched with Mario 3D, Mario Kart and Zelda, it would have killed all sales figures.
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