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Post by trog @ 05:32pm 20/02/12 | 39 Comments
We've had a few PlayStation 3 users get in touch recently to let us know they're having problems with Battlefield 3 online. Apparently since late January, network performance has been close to unplayable for many users, with servers only showing one ping bar in the in-game browser (putting it at the low end of the server quality spectrum).

There's a 40 page thread on the official forums where Australian gamers are discussing the issue, including their fruitless chat logs with EA support on the issue.

Unfortunately due to the closed nature of console multiplayer, the network side of gaming is far less transparent than it is on PC. This makes commonplace diagnostics a little bit trickier - for example, you can't do a quick traceroute of a known server's IP address to see if there are network problems.

At the moment (working under the assumption that the PS3 version also runs on a client/server mode like the PC version), my first guess is the problem might just be a network routing issue that they're (somehow) still unaware of. There is also the (hopefully very unlikely) possibility that the servers have simply been shifted from Australia to another physical location (like the USA) to cut costs - but again, the lack of transparency makes it hard to confirm.

We're currently communicating with a couple of people about this issue to try and diagnose (unfortunately, we don't have a PS3 in the office at the moment) - if there's anyone out there with a PS3, a copy of the game, and a network router that lets them look at traffic, please get in touch!

We've emailed contacts at DICE and Sony for comment to see if they have any information as well. If you are a PS3 gamer and struggling to enjoy Battlefield 3 at the moment, please let us know in the comments - if you can include your ISP and geographical location that would be helpful as well.

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Latest Comments
Posted 05:35pm 20/2/12
serves them right for trying to play FPS on a console
Posted 05:51pm 20/2/12
That would explain a few things. I have noticed the 1 bar of ping and the last 2 nights I was disconnected from EA and had to reboot the game or it wouldnt reconnect. No real issues though something seems to be borked.
Posted 06:09pm 20/2/12
I don't have a PS3 so I'm not really if there's a better way to diagnose this - but I'm thinking all I need to find is someone with a PS3, BF3 and a Linux firewall/router that their traffic goes through, then get them to fire up the game, join a server and run iptraf or something and look at where the traffic is going. If we can get the server IP address from that we can at least do a traceroute/ping and see if there are any obvious problems in routing.

I guess some super advanced modems might have something that shows connections going through it, but not sure..?
Posted 06:28pm 20/2/12
I was at a bbq on Saturday and my mate said he could play fine, except he couldn't team up with his mates, they get separated on joining.
Posted 06:40pm 20/2/12
(end poorly written rant on consoles)

youre living in the past man
Posted 07:14pm 20/2/12
i think you are right with your point they have moved servers over seas feels like i am playing MAG at the moment
Posted 07:27pm 20/2/12
btw my isp is optus
i have decent connection sppeds
Posted 08:48pm 20/2/12
serves them right for trying to play FPS on a console
enjoying your cheaters and wall hacks?
Posted 09:03pm 20/2/12
We all have our reasons for choosing what device we use to game on. Thats off topic. Besides, Xbox aint affected troll.

We have been trying to make contact with EA\DICE through any available channel in an attempt to obtain even a reason for the problem.

All we want is a "hey guys, bill spilt his coffee on the server and now its buggered" but we have heard nothing at all. Its a disgrace! If I treated my customers like that my company would go out of business pretty fast.
Posted 09:08pm 20/2/12
Thx for that. I have chucked a note in the forum that you are keen to help. Hopefully someone has a Linux Firewall, although I'm tipping if they did they would know what to look for? Hopefully someone responds. Thanks again :)
Posted 09:59pm 20/2/12
haha sorry it was a d*** comment :)
Posted 10:27pm 20/2/12
Im in the same boat. I've got bf3 on both PC and PS3. PC is perfect to play on but with PS3 I get 1 bar on Australian servers and its simply just not playable. It's approaching 3 weeks now which is just ridiculous for an entire 2 continents (AUS/NZ) to continue to put up with an issue of this size in today's gaming climate.
My location is Adelaide.
My ISP is Internode.
Posted 11:44pm 20/2/12
Been a problem ever since battlelog update #5 was implemented. All the EA servers went missing, so we're left with the few dice servers available. The EA ones came back briefly, but disappeared 48hrs later when a server side patch was supposedly implemented. I'm in brisbane, using a TPG adsl2 service.
Posted 01:04am 21/2/12
Yeah been almost 3 weeks now, 22 servers for the whole country + new zealand and whoever else for whatever reason joins in.

21/22 were back to karkand no EA servers at all, 1,200 posts on battle log with no responses its getting pretty ridiculous.
Hopefully they will actually acknowledge something is wrong after all the twitter questions/facebook/emails that have been sent we still get the same thing of deleting your savegame/contacting support again/what theres an issue, well look into it! then next time we get some kind of response its exactly the same.

The server settings were on 0+ players conquest/rush/all maps/Australian only and only getting 22 results compared to heaps more that we used to have, add in Asia to the list and you get 13-15 pages of results instead.

It seems to work ok on PC for me with connectivity but i need to get a new graphics card because it runs at a slower framerate than my Ps3 does.

Location Victoria
ISP Iprimus (they suck but cant really get anything better where im at the moment)
Posted 01:19am 21/2/12
Ridiculous really, given the popularity (and revenue) and such a major error.
Posted 02:21am 21/2/12
Extremely bad, continues drop outs. Game play- Extremely horrible due to always being 2nd to shoot, unless your shooting from behind.

Location: Bendigo, Victoria.
ISP: Bigpond ADSL1. (However with a total speed of a whooping 100-120 kbps sometimes it can be my side, Telstra has over done the amount of people connected to the exchange. There words to me "To bad, you can either put up with it or close the contract."
Posted 08:05am 21/2/12
Thanks guys, good info so far - if you can encourage others to keep dropping their info in here that would be great. No obvious patter so far about ISP info so it certainly looks like a generic network problem.

Someone on the official forums got a bunch of info about the network side of things - this is a couple weeks old but they did this when the problems first started:
109.200.212. 66:14004 ... | ... ... | ... Official EA Australia #72978 ... | ... 1 Bar Connection (35-90ms Ping) ... | ... ... | ... Official EA Australia #72967 ... | ... 1 Bar Connection (35-90ms Ping) ... | ... ... | ... Server7023 ... | ... 1 Bar Connection (35-90ms Ping) ... | ... ... | ... Server7035 ... | ... 1 Bar Connection (35-90ms Ping) ... | ... ... | ... -- B2K Normal Server 10642 ... | ... 1 Bar Connection (35-90ms Ping) ... | ... ... | ... -- Normal Server 10624 ... | ... 1 Bar Connection (35-90ms Ping)
216.151.223. 30:14008 ... | ... ... | ... Official EA West US #109122 ... | ... 4 Bar Connection (190-290 Ping To ... | ... ... | ... Official EA Asia #114614 ... | ... 4 Bar Connection (140-240 Ping) ... | ... ... | ... Official EA Europe #77521 ... | ... 2 Bar Connection (300-400 Ping) ... | ... ... | ... Official EA East US #111162 ... | ... 3 Bar Connection (Can't ping)
216.157. 92.122:14006 ... | ... ... | ... Official EA South US #102482 ... | ... 3 Bar Connection (230-330 Ping To
The IPs all look local and ping/trace fine from my connection here. I would like to see updated information though just to confirm these are still the right IPs to be looking at.
Posted 09:21am 21/2/12
Trog, than you for your help with this matter. It is getting beyond ridiculous.

ISP: iinet
Location: Hobart
Line spee: 7.24 Mbps (7240 kbps).
Download speed: 905 KB/s (0.88 MB/s).
Posted 09:54am 21/2/12
BF3 seems to be plagued with so many problems, issues and general dissatisfaction.

I play on PC, and there's so much I like about the game. However it really still is below an acceptable level when it comes to bugs, cheaters and the terrible netcode. Where you get shot well after you're in behind cover.

You can leave the whole dissapointment on the game not being a proper BF2 sequel aside, even the misleading comments by DICE about it having the biggest maps, PCs lead platform. The game is abnormally buggy still.

It's quite a few months after release. It's really not acceptable.
Posted 10:07am 21/2/12
I hope people remember this for the poor service it is and think about it before they purchase their next title.
Posted 10:32am 21/2/12
Thanks for this. Hopefully you get more of an answer than we have gotten.

Location: Sydney
Posted 12:27pm 21/2/12
Thanks for the help Trog.

Posted 12:58pm 21/2/12
Posted 03:27pm 21/2/12
ISP: Adam internet
Location: Adelaide
Posted 06:04pm 21/2/12
Posted 07:20pm 21/2/12
Adam Internet
Shocking lack of support from EA, they've lined their pockets, cut and run.
Posted 09:41pm 21/2/12
No updates yet from DICE, but it's still relatively early in the morning there so will have to wait a couple hours before I harass again.

thanks to those that have provided info, I think we have enough now to declare it a general problem not something affecting a single isp or area.
Posted 11:48am 22/2/12
There is a lot of troubleshooting being done throughout the 45+ page thread on EA...

Here is a small piece...

Shadow_Rusty said:
Also, I did a little more investigating on the weekend and had a play with the NAT Tables on my Router, and here's what I have discovered...

BF3 Server Connections
Ip Address : Port ... | ... Ping -a Name ... | ... BF3 Server Name ... | ... Connection
109.200.212. 66:14004 ... | ... ... | ... Official EA Australia #72978 ... | ... 1 Bar Connection (35-90ms Ping) ... | ... ... | ... Official EA Australia #72967 ... | ... 1 Bar Connection (35-90ms Ping) ... | ... ... | ... Server7023 ... | ... 1 Bar Connection (35-90ms Ping) ... | ... ... | ... Server7035 ... | ... 1 Bar Connection (35-90ms Ping) ... | ... ... | ... -- B2K Normal Server 10642 ... | ... 1 Bar Connection (35-90ms Ping) ... | ... ... | ... -- Normal Server 10624 ... | ... 1 Bar Connection (35-90ms Ping)
216.151.223. 30:14008 ... | ... ... | ... Official EA West US #109122 ... | ... 4 Bar Connection (190-290 Ping To ... | ... ... | ... Official EA Asia #114614 ... | ... 4 Bar Connection (140-240 Ping) ... | ... ... | ... Official EA Europe #77521 ... | ... 2 Bar Connection (300-400 Ping) ... | ... ... | ... Official EA East US #111162 ... | ... 3 Bar Connection (Can't ping)
216.157. 92.122:14006 ... | ... ... | ... Official EA South US #102482 ... | ... 3 Bar Connection (230-330 Ping To

Also, if you are experiencing issues, please visit this site and click on the +1...
Posted 11:25pm 22/2/12
Any news on a reply yet? apparently theres an IGN article now to, doesnt really mention the fact theres only like 20 servers for the whole country though.
Posted 12:00am 23/2/12
No updates just yet - still talking to DICE about it.
Posted 01:27am 27/2/12
Battlelog moderators are now telling us to provide them with technical details instead of 'bumping' the thread. Goes to show you NO ONE, except pissed off Aussie PS3 players who payed the most for this f*****g game, is f*****g reading the thread.
Posted 01:55pm 27/2/12
sad face =(
Posted 02:17am 28/2/12
Bigpond Ultimate Cable - 86Mbps avge connection.
1 Bar Ping to apparently Australian servers.
Unplayable, try to Join USA West servers (3 to 4 bars) for at least a bit of BF3 action
Posted 02:36am 28/2/12
kind of makes me glad I didn't buy into the whole Battlefield 3 is teh most awsumerest gaem evar crap that all the mindless zombies are letting rip with. It almost reminds me of Apple users, content to use a product that has so many short comings, just because it's an Apple product.
Posted 02:43am 28/2/12
its a good game.. just like it was said in the first post, console players ask for nothing but drama.
Posted 02:50am 28/2/12
Surely gaming on a console and on a PC aren't that different today, it's not like they're playing on megadrives or nintendos.Why do console players ask for nothing but drama? I don't see anything Trog said that indicates that. If you want to find out the ip of a server just get into the admin pages on your router & see where the ps3 is connected to. I realize not everyone can do that, but then again not all PC users are going to know how to do a netstat to find out where their game is connected to either.
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