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The latest trailer for Binary Domain, a action-packed squad based shooter, shows off just how hard war can be to some. Following in the footsteps of a international peace-keeping squad, they come across a group of "slum kids", who are forced to scavenge for scraps from the robots that invaded Tokyo.
2080 AD Tokyo, Japan. The Amada Corporation break Geneva Code, Clause 21 by creating humanoid robots that believe themselves to be human. These so-called Hollow Children have infiltrated the human population, blurring the lines between man and machine. Dan Marshall and the Rust Crew are tasked to find Amada at all costs. Will the team’s human bond be their greatest strength or will they fall to the machines?
Check out the trailer below which really shows just how bad the robotic war has hit everyone, forcing some people to live a way of life they never wanted to, just for survival. A HD version is available over here, or you can check out our game page which has all the info, screenshots and videos you need for the war against the robots.

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