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Post by Dan @ 11:06am 20/02/12 | 20 Comments
We all know that as sure as the sun will rise tomorrow, that Activision will release a new Call of Duty game in holiday season 2012 (most probably November), but speculation around what that game will be is now pointing firmly towards a follow-up to 2010's Call of Duty: Black Ops.

French site GameBlog (via GameSpot) have recently landed themselves in Acti's bad books for reporting on a pulled product page for Black Ops 2 from the French arm of online retailing giant Amazon.

Adding further support to the theory, Joystiq have found the same game title listed among the conquests of an artist's resume -- an employee of a studio reportedly contracted by Activision-owned developer Treyarch.

As far as rumours go, this one is look pretty solid, but we'll almost certainly know for certain within the next month or so as annual Call of Duty titles have consistently historically been officially announced in the early months of the year.

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Latest Comments
Posted 11:15am 20/2/12
November? damn son
Posted 11:17am 20/2/12
no surprises here
Posted 11:30am 20/2/12
Dedicated servers or gtfo.

This weekend was a free play weekend for mw3. And as a result we saw an substantial amount of hackers. Every second game was occupied with a wall or aim hack.

Due to ranked servers not being dedicated, players were defenseless against these exploits and the only solution was to keep searching or not play at all.

Regardless of your personal opinion on the series it is no fun playing against cheaters.
Posted 11:41am 20/2/12
not play at all

Sounds like the winning solution, you should apply that solution more often
Posted 12:34pm 20/2/12
surprised this is news worthy considering treyarch and whoever makes mw have been leapfrogging eachother for two iterations now.
Posted 12:59pm 20/2/12
this series has ruined games over the last few years.

Change the f***** engine or GTFO

reskiningg + a few new maps every 12months is f*****g pathetic for a company to do and millions of people to accept...
Posted 01:00pm 20/2/12
I think the title shoud read "Rumours suggest next Call of Duty game might be the same rehashed rubbish the last 3 games were"

Thats a rumour i would bank on being legit.
Posted 01:04pm 20/2/12
Hopefully they'll drive the franchise into the ground like they did with Guitar Hero, and we'll never have to hear about it again.
Posted 01:11pm 20/2/12
I wonder if they will actually evolve the gameplay with this title or move the setting from current/near future to far future or something. I doubt it though.
Randy Cambell
Posted 01:13pm 20/2/12
This is the game that shafted the cod series for me! The only way thay can get me back in if they change up the s*** console spec engine! The creedy bustards just want more money and push out s*** cut and paste games. NOTE:DUE XMAS. IN THE MEAN TIME WASTE MORE MONEY ON MW3 DLC! LOL
Posted 01:24pm 20/2/12
the MW series has been slowly killing the fps genre as every game wants to be like it due to how profitable it's become.

Posted 01:29pm 20/2/12
I first really got into multiplayer side to the COD series at black ops. I loved it. And for me, going to MW3 was a massive step down. I was very disappointed.
Not to mention trying to get a server is a laugh. I can't get anything less than 75ping, or at least, it's a rare occurance. It needed to get dedicated servers as it's a joke without it. Not to mention like Timmeh said, hackers are rampant.
I'm looking forward to BO2. But until then, BF3 will still be my fps.
Posted 01:37pm 20/2/12
lol DM, how the times have changed.
Posted 01:49pm 20/2/12
DM: Comparison doesn't really cut it, because obviously most CoD players get countless more hours more value out of the game from its Multiplayer component, and Parasite Eve had no multiplayer so that 15 or so hours is all you got from the purchase price.
Posted 01:53pm 20/2/12
Meh. COD MP for PC hasn't been a PC game since COD4 and the game is just full of noobs that rarely present any sort of challenge. I shall stick with BF3 and RO2, at least those games take skill and teamwork rather than the mindless one-man-army-I-point-my-gun-at-things-and-hold-down-the-trigger-because-my-guns-have-no-recoil style of play that COD is. Not to mention all the skill less fluff that is killstreaks.

Of course I'm sure this will sell bucket loads just like the previous ones because the game is "trendy" for most casual FPS players.
Posted 02:17pm 20/2/12
I really only play games with friends. If no one is online its normally driver San fran/NSF/grid
Posted 07:12pm 20/2/12
i played mw3 on steam while it was what a s*** game...deleted it after 20mins. they seem to have lost something after mw2. i dont understand how they have sold so many copies of mw3....either they are using subliminal messages in advertising or they have all these muppets brainwashed?
Posted 09:56am 21/2/12
modern warfail 2.75
Posted 10:21am 21/2/12
they seem to have lost something after mw2

Yeah, most of Infinity Ward
Posted 10:53am 21/2/12
Yeah, most of Infinity Ward

Badum tish. Modern Warfare 3 was really just a rush to the market as everyone expected it. Hopefully they can improve on the formula, as I absolutely loved Black Ops.
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