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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 12:49pm 15/02/12 | 14 Comments
AusGamers was given the opportunity to chat with BioWare's Grant McDaniel, Senior Development Director of Live Services, for Star Wars: The Old Republic in relation to details surrounding the new MMO's Aussie launch plans.

Today we obviously learnt the game would play off Asia-Pacific servers actually located on Australian soil (this was only previously hinted at), and that it was locked in for a March 1 release date here, in NZ, Singapore and Hong Kong, but we also discover in our interview with Grant that the team are listening to complaints about Customer Support, the need for new content, the lack of UI customisation and more, and that they're actively trying to broach all concerns with positive news and answers.

Click here for the interview.

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Latest Comments
Posted 01:02pm 15/2/12
Ok, I lost my bet...


Our goal for maintenance windows is the same for everything else we do – we try to think about the player experience first. We want to minimise downtime as much as possible and will be constantly evaluating them to ensure they will affect the fewest players possible.

Meaningless as an answer and worse if US/EU players are factored into the "fewest players possible".
Posted 01:06pm 15/2/12
Seriously vague answer there, worthy of an MP!

I accept PayPal and major credit cards Jim ;)
Posted 01:09pm 15/2/12
Be thankful of the acknowledgment.
Posted 01:12pm 15/2/12
Be thankful of the acknowledgment.

You don't often acknowledge when you are wrong?
Posted 02:06pm 15/2/12
AU servers that are actually in the country YEAH!!
Posted 02:15pm 15/2/12
Posted 04:48pm 15/2/12
And if they're s*** we can blame Stinky, cos hes setting them up
Posted 04:50am 16/2/12
As for respecing I think they should just make it free, then there is no need for dual or multi spec.
Posted 08:39am 16/2/12
Should be good for the Australian Gaming Community. Looking forward to hearing the Casa tears in General again !
Posted 09:00am 16/2/12
As for respecing I think they should just make it free, then there is no need for dual or multi spec.

The one thing I remember the devs were talking about was they didn't want people changing specs halfway through a raid.

Pretty chuffed about this australian server though. Never played an mmo without the lag haha.
Posted 09:13am 16/2/12
Without going off topic, game needs duel spec. Who cares if people change mid raid, it sucks being a tank outside of 4man or raid, sucks being a healer trying to do dailies.
Posted 11:54am 16/2/12
I guess they don't want their precious enrage timers being easier to beat because the offtank whose job is 1 boss fight out of 5 gets to do real damage.
Posted 06:08pm 16/2/12
Interesting responses. "one time offer"

1 character ?
1 server ?
Unlimited characters unlimited servers ?

How will they merge legacies ?
Posted 07:37am 17/2/12
Steve, go back and get Obes answers dammit !
We all want details.
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