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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 09:35am 15/02/12 | 21 Comments
EA has finally unveiled a local release date for BioWare's Star Wars-based MMORPG, Star Wars: The Old Republic after months of concern it may never even arrive at retail on our shores (or many other a shore).

March 1 is the landing zone for the game, which has garnered both a heady following since its official release in December of last year, and a lot of dismay at a seeming lack of variety and quite a few bugs, though these are apparently still being ironed out and new content is also planned to liven up the experience.

It will hit Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong and Singapore.
Fans in those regions will be able to play the critically-acclaimed massively multiplayer online game on regional servers, enjoying the story-driven experience that has captivated gamers worldwide. Players in these countries who currently have or have had an active Star Wars: The Old Republic account prior to February 28, 2012 will have the opportunity to request a free character transfer for a limited time to an Asia Pacific server after the launch on March 1, 2012. All players who qualify for a character transfer will be notified in early March with more details.
We've actually been in talks with the team and are awaiting answers to some pretty in-depth questions about the game's local release, so be sure to stay tuned to AusGamers for more on Star Wars: The Old Republic and its Aussie conquest.

Click here to read our review of the game.

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Latest Comments
Posted 09:45am 15/2/12
Unfortunately it doesn't look like we'll be getting the CE :(
Posted 09:47am 15/2/12
The only question I've got is what time do they plan on doing maintenance consider the current scheduled maintenance is usually from Tuesday 7-11pm AEDT.
Steve Farrelly
Posted 09:53am 15/2/12
TicMan, this is one of the questions we asked :)
Posted 11:19am 15/2/12
And the answer was ... ?
Steve Farrelly
Posted 11:33am 15/2/12
interview actually just came back, so stay tuned to a feature to be posted this afternoon
Posted 11:34am 15/2/12
The only question I've got is what time do they plan on doing maintenance consider the current scheduled maintenance is usually from Tuesday 7-11pm AEDT.

I'd bet money it will be the same as the NA and EU downtimes. Not because they hate us, but because we will - in all likelihood - using the same client as US and EU players.

It's vastly easier to manage all of the servers as one interconnected group than it is to manage all of them separately. Also, this doesn't mean the entire population of the game swings between servers during their area downtimes.
Posted 11:37am 15/2/12
The only question I've got is what time do they plan on doing maintenance consider the current scheduled maintenance is usually from Tuesday 7-11pm AEDT.

I doubt it very much given the Europeans can't catch a break either
Posted 11:39am 15/2/12
If anyone is interested in pvp in MMOs, this is not the game for you.
Endgame pvp is bad. real bad.
Posted 11:42am 15/2/12
Game lost me after 2 days /played.

Posted 11:45am 15/2/12
If you like paying a monthly subscription to play a single player game, this is the game for you.

IMO, its worth the $50 outlay or whatever, though I wish they at least let you finish the single player campaigns without having to pay a f***en subscription, not happy.

Additionally to this, the pvp absolutely sucks balls and a******* and the end-game content from what I've heard is just wow in-space with more bugs.
Posted 11:53am 15/2/12
I'm not a PVP guy but there seems to be a s***load of people doing it, Ilum is crazy busy.

The PVE is fun, at least we're still doing it anyway. Yes its wow in space, but I'd probably still be raiding in wow if I wasn't totally over the fantasy mmo bit.
Posted 12:14pm 15/2/12
Yeah unfortunately hogfather, of the 18m people who play wow, it's safe to say that maybe at least 1m of them pvp often, still doesn't make it good - it's all they know, WOW invented pvp for these people and, like the pve, they expected it from SWTOR now.

I'm sure raiding in TOR is better than WOW - WOW is just old and stale.
Posted 12:36pm 15/2/12
Heh Hoggy, go check out the PVP forums, oh boy. Though forums are usually bad anyway, just funny seeing the crying fools.

My personal opinion on this game is that if you want KoTOR 3, play this for a month, then end your subscription. The "MMO" is really tacked onto the "RPG" part of the game, and is really just a glorified online chat channel. I reckon they would sell a crap load more if they made two business models, one that is purchase the product and then play all the singleplayer content for free, and allow a maximum group of 2, maybe 4, to complete harder areas/instances that require storyline progression. The other business model would be a subscription based model for anyone that wants to enjoy the MMO aspect, so raids, PVP, auction houses etc.

For now, I'm avoiding Star Wars while they fix their game and playing Tera Online as well as waiting for Guild Wars 2.
Posted 12:52pm 15/2/12
My bet is the server will be in Singapore.
Posted 12:59pm 15/2/12
I really like the fact that the game outside Ops and Flashpoints is more RPG than MMO. When everyone is level 50 it makes levelling alts a better experience - the levelling game after the initial burst in an MMO is very often a single player game. The four base character quests also means there is a decent variety for replay, although you'll always need to do SOME Nar Shudder.

A dungeon finder would probably be a good idea for levelling especially tho.

The endgame PVE is fun enough that its worth running a guild to cater for it, though the bug count (hi Soa!) is still unacceptably high but lowering, at least your whole raid doesn't die randomly now AFAIK. We've only had one raider quit since we started so it obviously appeals to some people.

The official forums of any MMO are a bad barometer, but I gather that there is work to be done in PVP. IMO a lot of the rage here would be settled if you could form a complete pre-made. Organisation >>> all in PVP to me, but I'm not a PVP kinda guy in MMOs.

I'm probably a little more patient than some of my ragefaced ex-Tarp friends (some of the conversations I've had as people tell me they are leaving have been interesting). I've had a good time since launch and will continue to play and raid while others do, and would recommend it to anyone as worthwhile for the 50 bucks (70 if you buy local) for a playthrough and possibly as something to continue at 50.
My bet is the server will be in Singapore.

I will bet you $1,000 that its not.
Posted 01:06pm 15/2/12
There isn't really THAT much that needs fixing, people are comparing it to WoW which has had 8 years to get to where it is while ToR is a newly launched MMO that hasn't even had 2 months. When I say "fixed" of course I just mean outright bugs, not balance issues, I'm sure PvP needs a lot of work (even though I don't really pvp much so don't really care). Ilum seems to just be an afterthought and has the potential to be something fun but just isn't anywhere near there yet. But as far as outright bugs go, its been pretty smooth for me, much smoother than any other MMO I've played at launch and smoother than WoW was at launch.

Theres plenty of stuff I want them to add, like more customisability for the UI and a better system for finding groups for stuff, and theres things that certainly need work like the aforementioned PvP, the incredibly heavy handed gating on PVE gear (so much so that by the time you actually have enough commendations to buy a piece, you don't need it anymore) and crafting skills that don't make any sense, but I'm still enjoying it, and I don't really often hit any outright bugs that stop me from playing.

But yeah, its definitely an MMO you play if you're in it for the pve and in it for the story. I played my Sith Warrior through to 50 (thats my main that I raid on), and am now levelling a bounty hunter and an imperial agent as well and loving their stories too, so its worth it imo if thats the experience you want.
Posted 08:09pm 15/2/12
Looks like the Tarp is moving.
Posted 11:47pm 15/2/12
Well....I got a cool statue and stuff so its not all bad.........

So....this tera online......might be worth a look after all.
Posted 09:42am 16/2/12
You may lose some from Tarp, but gain some from a lot of Aussies moving over. I can foresee some strong Australian guilds enjoying the game after those that do not leave.

I have no intention to quit, I will move and re-evaluate what i want to do, should have my Jedi Knight 50 then also, so also have options of Empire or Imperial. My Sith is in all epics and has a PVP set, so I have options when I arrive to find a decent guild.
Posted 09:47am 16/2/12
March 1 eh. I just might check it out ;)
Posted 11:51am 16/2/12
Well....I got a cool statue and stuff so its not all bad.........

So....this tera online......might be worth a look after all.

You'd quit rather than transfer to a local server? Thats pretty much the opposite reaction than I would have expected
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