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Post by Eorl @ 09:19am 15/02/12 | 12 Comments
Bioware has just sent word that their upcoming Sci-fi Third-person Action Shooter Mass Effect 3, now has a demo available for PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC.

The PC demo is currently on Origin, and sadly we can't host it locally, however, if past experiences hold true, Origin's servers are particularly fast when it comes to downloading.
The demo for 2012's most anticipated game is here! Experience two spectacular levels from the single-player campaign, along with intense four player co-op multiplayer matches. The multiplayer section of the Mass Effect 3 demo will feature an early access period running from February 14 to February 17.

Early multiplayer access has been granted to players who have activated their Battlefield 3 online pass. Visit this page and log in with your EA Origin account (this is the same as your BioWare Social account) to see if you currently have early access.
So it's as simple as heading over to the demo page and clicking the PC section if you want to give the demo a try, or on either the Xbox Live Marketplace or the PlayStation Network.

Check out the latest CGI teaser trailer below titled "Take Earth Back" (click here for HD), or head over to our game page for the latest in screenshots, videos and info.

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Latest Comments
Posted 10:27am 15/2/12
The game is out in like 3 weeks or so isn't it? I think I'll just wait, I don't want to spoil any of it
Posted 01:13pm 15/2/12
Same here, I avoided all the Skyrim hype and I think my experience was much better for it.
Posted 02:51pm 15/2/12
I don't get why there isn't a bundled version of Mass Effect 2, or at least why the DLC isn't easier to get.

I bought Mass Effect 2 on Steam, I couldn't buy the DLC through Steam because I needed to buy it with Bioware points. Now Mass Effect 3 is on Origin, Mass Effect 2 is also available on Origin, but I still can only get DLC from the Bioware store, why?
Posted 05:14pm 15/2/12
Played the demo once. Enjoyed the new features for the soldier. Will be trying some of the other classes to see how they play out. Also went with "role-playing" as my way of playing the game rather then "story" or "combat" but will try them.
Posted 05:33pm 15/2/12
Hmm, just had a quick go of the demo, and now I remember why I hated Mass Effect combat. Just feels so clunky and slow. Plus it's awkward holding shift to pause and change ammo or use items. Multiplayer is just co-op, thought it was actually versus.
Posted 09:43pm 15/2/12
Multiplayer is just co-op, thought it was actually versus

what made you think that when they've always said it was co-op?
Posted 10:27pm 15/2/12
cant wait to finish work tomoro and try this
Posted 11:40pm 15/2/12
Well I just played it.....Don't think Ill be buying it. It just does not feel right to me, Its hard for me to explain. The weapons seem a bit better, More...... pew pew pew. Other than that it does not feel good to me at this time.
Posted 11:35am 16/2/12
loved the demo. wont be buying the game for a while yet though. still haven't got around to replaying me1 and 2.
Posted 11:39am 16/2/12
what made you think that when they've always said it was co-op?

I actually don't know. I just heard multiplayer and thought sweet, something like 40k. Ah well, that kind of co-op ain't my kind of style anyway, was just waves.
Posted 04:27pm 16/2/12
cant wait for this to come out =)

demo was wayy too short
Posted 11:26am 20/2/12
Played a bit of the multiplayer on xbox live over the weekend, and after that I'm definitely getting it on PC. I liked the co-op, but f*** it was frustrating trying to play it on a controller, the whole time I was just wishing I had a mouse to aim with.
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