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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 03:00pm 13/02/12 | 20 Comments
As Diablo III edges ever-closer to retail release, Blizzard is seeing fit to roll out the requisite media barrage to whet your appetite for a game that really needs no appetite-whetting.

Today they've given us a video that originally aired at BlizzCon last year featuring a handful of devs talking up the challenge component of the game, promising fans that you will indeed die due to the game's difficulty level. This is essentially a guarantee that D3 is no way, shape or form a watered down entry in the series and that what we've played of the beta so far is the smallest percentage of an early portion of the game, and on Normal to boot.
"People of the world... you will get your asses kicked, I promise."
There's also a few tasty snippets of hectic gameplay, just to tide you over until the next big media drop.

Watch it embedded below, or click here for a direct link.

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Latest Comments
Jump Jump Die
Posted 03:29pm 13/2/12
Yeah ok the difficulty might be up there with the older games, but anyone who has played the beta has seen the s***** new skills and leveling up system... Dumbed down for the masses.
Posted 03:47pm 13/2/12
Yeah i watched those dudes from the gap play it and it seemed pretty tame to me,but they may have been playing a crap level to.
Steve Farrelly
Posted 03:48pm 13/2/12
The beta was less for users and more for infrastructure testing on the backend. It's only the smallest portion of the game and works its ass off to not give everything that will be on offer away. I think it's silly to jump to the conclusion that it's being designed to be "dumbed down for the masses" before anything significant has even left the Blizzard front door
Posted 03:49pm 13/2/12
Yeah because at lvl 13 you've seen it all right?
Posted 06:57pm 13/2/12
No offense, Steve, but damn.

Typo's galore. "Just to tied you over" should be "tide", plus "appetitep-whetting" (notice the p where it shouldn't be, wetting spelled with an H.)

So, uh, hiring proof readers? I'm pretty good at it :P
Posted 07:30pm 13/2/12
But you can't even spell whirl.
Steve Farrelly
Posted 07:49pm 13/2/12
fair enough. i'm a new dad atm so a bit scattered. whetting is correct though
Posted 07:55pm 13/2/12
So are they talking about a difficulty system that is dynamic and adjusts for players that aren't dying?

Or are they just saying that the game difficulty is static and it's just really difficult?

If it's the later someone needs an uppercut, you can't promise that you will die.
Posted 08:24pm 13/2/12
Fair enough, though I'd give you a raised eyebrow on whetting, as in most places I've seen it in use, it's spelled as wetting.

As for my gamer tag, I was playing UT back in the day and got a triple kill in just a few seconds and one of them (a yank) said I was "like a wirlwind".

Started out as an in-joke after a typo, now more people know me as Wirly than as Josh lol.
Posted 08:34pm 13/2/12
Guaranteed to be harder than Kingdoms of Amalur
Posted 01:36pm 14/2/12

Yeah i watched those dudes from the gap play it and it seemed pretty tame to me,but they may have been playing a crap level to.

I don't think you are able to change the difficulty on the beta, but we just left to whatever the default is. Joaby and I had already played through what the beta offered before recording that, so we knew what to expect...other then we went in with characters we had not used before. I did die once during my initial play through, which was when I took on the boss at the end. It seems the beta takes place during very early on in the game, so I wouldn't expect it to start off too hard.

When the full release comes out I'm probably going to up the difficulty to give myself a bit of a challenge. Would also love to play through it co-op.
Posted 01:40pm 14/2/12
wirlwind - whet
Posted 01:43pm 14/2/12
fair enough. i'm a new dad atm so a bit scattered. whetting is correct though

grats dude
Posted 01:43pm 14/2/12
go steve!
Posted 01:49pm 14/2/12
Funky, I know that part was correct now, but the eyebrow raise was because in everyday chat / books / mags / etc I've only seen it written as wet. I don't think I can ever recall seeing it written "correctly" lol.

I know, I'm still wrong... :P
Posted 12:58am 19/2/12
I had been considering for a while whether to play hardcore as my 1st run through. Has it been confirmed that a soft-core run through is necessary b4 play hardcore? or is it just a rumor?
Posted 04:38am 19/2/12
It has been confirmed via Twitter Q&A - you must complete the game with a softcore character, to unlock hardcore mode.
Posted 07:46am 19/2/12
Maybe they've done it so the enemies don't get harder, but the spells reduce power. So 'Fireball' becomes 'Conjure pony' :)
Posted 10:03am 19/2/12
fair enough. i'm a new dad atm so a bit scattered. whetting is correct though

Posted 10:46am 19/2/12
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