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Post by Eorl @ 08:56am 10/02/12 | 9 Comments
Vodafone has just sent word that they will be offering pre-orders for Sony's PlayStation Vita, the ultimate handheld gaming device. Vodafone are offering both 3G and Wi-Fi versions for pre-order through there website, so snap one up quickly!
Customers will have the freedom to enjoy the next evolution of portable gaming on Vodafone’s new 850MHz network rolling out now, with exclusive offers from the preferred mobile carrier including sensational deals for customers on both contract and prepaid.

For customers looking to snap up the PS Vita 3G/Wi-FI model and spread the cost over 12 months, Vodafone is offering the powerful 3G gaming console for $55 per month, over 12 months (total minimum cost is $660) with 1.5GB data a month and bonus 4GB memory card included. Prepaid customers can enjoy Vodafone’s PS Vita Prepaid kit, which has everything you need to be mobile gaming in no-time, featuring the PS Vita 3G/WiFi with 200MB of data on a 30-day expiry, and bonus 4GB memory card for $419.
It does look like we will be paying that bit extra compared to the handheld pricing overseas, but hopefully we will get a great service out of it. Leave us a comment below on whether you will be picking up one of these great looking devices.

The PlayStation Vita will be available in stores February 23rd, with pre-orders available online today at Vodafone's website.

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Latest Comments
Posted 11:47am 10/2/12
Vodafone and great service don't go in the same sentence.
Posted 01:48pm 10/2/12
Yeah I refuse to buy another Vodafone product/service again in my entire life.
Posted 01:52pm 10/2/12
Will _never_ go back to vodafail.
Posted 01:56pm 10/2/12
What do people think of the Vita? It's just going to be a rehashed PSP right?
Posted 01:57pm 10/2/12
Yeah I refuse to buy another Vodafone product/service again in my entire life.

^ that

Will _never_ go back to vodafail.

^ that too
Posted 02:17pm 10/2/12
I moved from 3 to Telstra when buying my last iPone, best thing Ive done for a long time, my bro with Vodafail and laugh everything i can use my phone and he cant
Posted 02:23pm 10/2/12
it's funny because i was changed over from 3 to vodafone (free because voda own 3) a few months ago because the 3 coverage where i live in aspley has always been terrible. and i wasn't expecting much from vodafone from what a lot of people say

i honestly can't fault vodafone so far, i have coverage everywhere i go their indian customer service center is crap compared to talking to whities with 3

but as far as phone coverage and level of service goes they have been awesome...
Posted 03:20pm 10/2/12
I've had 0 troubles around my area of Hobart since Voda turned on the 850mhz towers on around here, which is a nice change. Only one or two spots along the highway from town to my place that has crap (read: zero) coverage, but that's largely because of the geography in those places.

I've spent some time with the Vita hardware & think it's sexy as hell. The screen looks gorgeous and the touch screens (both of them) are incredibly responsive, with the on-screen keyboard being better than most I've used. The demo unit I was shown didn't have games to use with it, which means I have nfi what the graphics look like outside of the menu. Remote Play works pretty well though, however it's more or less the same as what it was with the PSP - Just with a bigger screen.
Posted 03:46pm 10/2/12
Vodafone is alot better now, the problem we found is that not all towers were 850mzh activated and the iPhone had troubles changing from 900 to 850mhz you would need to turn on/off aeroplane mode to get data connection.
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