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Post by Eorl @ 11:26am 08/02/12 | 5 Comments
Microsoft Studios announced “Microsoft Flight” will be available to download worldwide for free starting 29th February, 2012. In addition, the Hawaiian Adventure Pack, which includes the remaining Hawaiian Islands, a new plane and 20 new missions, will be available to purchase the same day for players looking to expand their horizons.
In addition to exploring the Big Island of Hawaii for free, fans can unlock access to the skies over the remaining Hawaiian Islands by purchasing the Hawaiian Adventure Pack, the first in a series of expansions For “Microsoft Flight.”

The entire island chain offers hundreds of miles to explore and includes stunning recreations of landmark features, from the breathtaking Waimea Canyon in Kaua’i to the high-rise hotels of Waikīkī.

The Hawaiian Adventure pack includes new challenges, five new job types, and 20 new missions that will test a player’s skill. It also includes the Vans RV-6A, a two-seat, single-engine, low-wing homebuilt airplane made famous for its speed and manoeuvrability.
It's been a while since the last Microsoft Flight Simulator, so it's no doubt this is going to be a big hit, and especially when it's free as well.

Check out some new screenshots below showcasing the gorgeous landscapes that you will be flying by, and make sure to fly over to our game page for more info.

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Latest Comments
Posted 11:32am 08/2/12
They need to bring out a new Age of Empires like AOE & AOE II were awesome. AOE III sucked!
Posted 11:37am 08/2/12
i'll check this out for sure, love a good flight sim
also a new sim city would be rad, like sim city 2k but with the ability to drill right down to street level
Posted 01:47pm 08/2/12
Looks alright, it's been fast-tracked it seems, we only caught wind (excuse the pun) of the game less than a month ago yea?

Also, TiT, Check out Age of Empires Online... it's another 'Free-to-play' title, it takes the already familiar AoE II and mixes it with the cleverly implemented 'AoE III' style 'city management' component for some element of 'online persistence'.
Posted 03:22pm 08/2/12
yeah i played Age of empires online and dont really like, found it easy and boring... need more LAN and internet based AOE matches!
Posted 03:36pm 08/2/12
yeah revamp the original age of empires...
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