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Post by trog @ 08:26am 08/02/12 | 13 Comments
The anticipated Skyrim Creation Kit is here, and as if that wasn't enough, Bethesda have also released a high resolution texture pack as some free DLC:
Modders rejoice! We’re pleased to announce that the Skyrim Creation Kit is now available!

With the Creation Kit’s release, fans can now upload, download, and install custom content through the Skyrim Workshop on Steam. Get a crash course by reading level designer Joel Burgess’ blog post, and be sure to read up on our list of best practices for modding. Need more help? Don’t forget to to check out the official Wiki at In the coming days and weeks, we’ll be sharing tutorial videos for beginners and experts alike. Check out the first tutorial above, and visit the Bethesda Game Studios YouTube Channel for more.
The video below introduces the Creation Kit. Enjoy! I mean, enjoy, if you're a PC gamer, as is your right!

bethesdacreation kitmoddingskyrim
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Latest Comments
Posted 09:02am 08/2/12
Serves me right for buying the PS3 version I guess.
Posted 11:25am 08/2/12
Posted 04:58pm 08/2/12
I already have a high rez texture pack from skyrimnexus so I'm going to check out the official DLC version and see what happens.
Posted 05:28pm 08/2/12
waiting on skyrim sex mod
Posted 10:08am 09/2/12
I don't see how anyone who isn't Bethesda could release a high-res texture pack, cos you'd need the original art assets. Unless the high-res textures were already in the game and this just unlocks them or something.
Posted 10:11am 09/2/12
Or they made their own.
Posted 10:37am 09/2/12
Make their own, and some of the results are outstanding.
Posted 10:42am 09/2/12
Yeah I tried out the official one but the Skyrim HD 2K texture mod is waaaaayyy better.
the difference is only quite subtle when using the official one.
Posted 10:50am 09/2/12
Skyrim Creation Kit and Kingdoms of Amalur come out about the same time - coincidence?
Obviously someone got their hands on SCK and created KOA :D
Posted 10:51am 09/2/12
Skyrim Creation Kit and Kingdoms of Amalur come out about the same time - coincidence?
Obviously someone got their hands on SCK and created KOA :D
Nah, KOA is more like Fable.
Posted 09:35am 08/3/12
While I'm very busy and tired lately, too busy to go back to playing Skyrim, everything time I consider doing so I'm reminded how FPS just doesn't work for h2h combat, and how the combat system needed to be so much better.

Ubi got it right, but they missed the goal in Skyrim :(
Posted 11:02am 08/3/12
I don't mind the first person view, but then I probably haven't played enough Skyrim yet to get sick of it, and I guess I'm mostly throwing fireballs and shooting arrows and only falling back on h2h as a last resort, so probably not noticing it as much.

I never got a chance to play Skyrim when it actually only came out, only really been getting into it this past week, which probably worked out well cos now theres a heap of mods out there that I installed before I started playing and its made the game even more awesome.
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