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Post by trog @ 06:54pm 06/02/12 | 9 Comments
Somewhat predictably, the Microsoft PR team have responded to today's earlier announcement from Sony about PlayStation sales:
Following industry data released by the Interactive Games and Entertainment Association (iGEA) today, Microsoft announced that it was the only platform to show growth in a contracted Australian market during the 2011 calendar year. Microsoft’s Xbox 360 bucked the industry trend with more than 5% platform revenue growth during that period.

Coupling this, Xbox 360 was the number one selling console during the important Christmas sales period in 2011, and December 2011 was Xbox’s highest selling month on record. The period also marks five years of consecutive growth in the Australian market, both in console unit and platform revenue growth – the only console to do so in Australia.

Furthermore, globally Xbox 360 ended the 2011 calendar year as the world’s best-selling current generation console.
So, there you have it! Definitive proof about which is the more successful console (depending on your definitions of "proof" and "success").

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Posted 07:02pm 06/2/12
Who gives a f**,bring out something new.
Posted 07:10pm 06/2/12
in other news, Custom PC users are sitting back laughing at the console fan boys who dont realise that a console is a limited computer,
Posted 07:14pm 06/2/12
in other news, Custom PC users are sitting back laughing at the console fan boys who dont realise that a console is a limited computer,
No we know that, but what we also know is that every other console player has the same hardware, so that the only difference between players is their internet connection and TV/monitor, kinda like a level playing field with minimal fuss.
Posted 07:30pm 06/2/12
Microsoft though didn't release statistics on how many of those console figures were inflated due to RROD replacements :P

Well, it's a PR departments job I guess, now we all know that the Xbox sales increased over the Christmas period, who knew?!?
Posted 07:31pm 06/2/12
News at 11, people buy stuff
Posted 08:29pm 06/2/12
Sounds like a fair playing field for a bunch of big noobs using controllers to play first person shooting games.

fanboy signing on
Posted 08:39pm 06/2/12
in other news, Custom PC users are sitting back laughing at the console fan boys who dont realise that a console is a limited computer

tbh the only thing i ever hear from pc gamers is whinging and complaining
Posted 09:32pm 07/2/12
To be honest, all I ever hear from console fanboys is:
"I'm going to fking smash you in COD/BF"
"I'm going to 360 no scope jump shot your fken head"
"It's a level playing field"
"It's more enjoyable because I can sit back on my couch and play", but at the same time "I'm a hardcore gamer"
"I experience little or no lag when playing online on the console"

When what they really mean is:
"I can't afford a decent gaming PC"
"I'm still under 18 and my parents buy all of my stuff, so all I got was an xbox/ps3/wii"
"I can't understand how to work all the drivers and hard stuffs on the PCs"
"I know the controller is crap for FPS, but it comes with my console and hence it is somehow the best device for FPS...ever"
"If I played COD/BF on a console and compared it to when I played COD/BF on a PC, I would look like God of Gaming Warfare"
"Games on PC are much quicker and require more accuracy than on console with its aim-assisted spam kill gameplay"
"I'm a softcore console gamer, and the best way to play online games is 5v5 or 6v6 or 4player split screen"
"I've never really experienced PC online play, and I don't mind having 5v5 or 6v6 online FPS matches with my ping fluctuating randomly depending on host and other factors"
"I enjoy waiting up to 2 minutes in lobbies just to be able to join a game, rather than using a server browser...oh, there sooo hard to use"
Posted 08:37am 08/2/12
ITT: People who don't enjoy life and want to ruin other peoples fun.

I don't own any of the current gen Consoles. But I wouldn't say no to a PS3 or an Xbox. I think some games are better laying on a coutch with a controller playing on a Big TV screen.
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