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Post by Dan @ 10:11am 02/02/12 | 37 Comments
Publisher En Mass Entertainment have kicked off their pre-order campaign for the upcoming MMO TERA, which can now be committed to for US$49.99 from North American retailers or (more relevant to Australians) the En Mass website.
Players who pre-order TERA will have access to all of the game’s Closed Beta Tests, scheduled to take place from February through April, as well as an exclusive Head Start play period over the weekend prior to the game’s launch on May 1st.
A schedule of planned beta events can be found in the announcement press release, which also introduces a new promotional video series amusingly starring MMA fighter Bas Rutten -- a self-proclaimed "MMO-FO" teaching some LARPers about real true action combat. Watch the embed below.

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Latest Comments
Reverend Evil
Posted 10:48am 02/2/12
Never heard of this game before. Twas just looking at some youtube vids and the visuals look really f*****g nice. I wonder if the gameplay is good. Anyone here played in the beta?
Posted 11:41am 02/2/12
There is no beta yet, thus pre-ordering gives you beta access. I've watched countless videos though, it looks amazing and has a s*** load of content for what it's worth. Already prr-ordered and ready to go.
Posted 12:01pm 02/2/12
Combat will be unlike stuff you've played before. I know that sounds like a sales pitch but from what i've seen all combat is done in REAL real-time meaning that if you can dodge the attack you take no damage. It's got none of this "oh I casted a fireball and now the attack is homing in" stuff. If you are about to be hit with a massive attack you use your given dodge ability and you'll flip out of the way taking no damage. Puts a whole new spin on things I feel.

Tanking seems to have the Street Fighter 3 parry system as well in that while you can just hold down block and wait for the attack to hit you, if you time it right just before the attack lands you will take next to no damage if any at all. I've seen videos of this guy taking multiple hits over the course of a few seconds and taking 0 damage from them all because he has managed to block them all perfectly.

Also this seems to be a combination of FPS and RPG with ranged classes as they get a crosshair to aim with due to there being no targeting system. Melee attacks are all AoE or cone based so it all comes down to positioning and knowing what the f*** is up. Some attacks too like Archers Piercing arrow can go through a whole train of mobs so when you pull a pack of 4 - 8 you can take them all out with a bit of kiting.

Pre-ordered and hanging out for beta test this month.

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Posted 12:22pm 02/2/12
I'm just concerned on how latency for us Aussies will affect our in game performance. Such a game requires twitch based gaming.. and we all know that 300ms puts us behind the 8-ball.

Still, looks great.
Posted 12:50pm 02/2/12
If they do it like SWTOR and offer really good pings, I'll be happy. No word on Australian servers or anything like that yet though.
Posted 12:52pm 02/2/12
I'd love a new MMO to fill the gap until GW2.. but I don't wanna get burnt again like I did with SWTOR!
Posted 01:16pm 02/2/12
Doubt it, this has way more content then SWTOR, considering it's been out for a year in Asian regions, and converted to Western culture standards.

Also, is anyone having troubles buying the Collectors Digital version? Used two different cards, and each time I get a "authorisation error occurred". Can't find anything online about a fix.
Posted 02:00pm 02/2/12
F*** that, I bought and tried my last MMO with SWTOR, I can't keep signing up for month long trials of the same old scenario, it's wearing thin.
Posted 02:02pm 02/2/12
No problem here Eorl. Bought it and went through ok.
Posted 02:07pm 02/2/12
Hmm, when it asked what payment method name, did you put Visa or Mastercard?
Posted 02:13pm 02/2/12
Just as I went to hit purchase I realised i'd typed the type of my card into the "card holder name" type section. It was a bit confusing so make sure you're not doing that like I did haha. Mine is a visa though.

Also just thought i'd add this here. A video (skip to about 3 min) showing the main tanking class lancer, solo some really hard elite mob. This guy is damn good at blocking and shows off that if you time it right you can take no damage (though he gets hit on purpose, dropping below 50% to activate his additional crit rate skill)
Posted 03:00pm 02/2/12
Gah, still doesn't work. Don't know what the hell I'm doing wrong, I enter my name into Payment Method Name, put my CC details in (no spaces), then put my CCV number in and hit okay, and confirm the purchase, but it comes up with Payment Authorization Failed. Grrr.
Posted 03:11pm 02/2/12
forward me your CC details I'll help you.

Game looks mad. If only I had the power to run it.
Posted 03:18pm 02/2/12
Heh, I ain't that foolish :P DM, could you print screen what you had filled out in the form? Obviously black out numbers etc, but jeez does this not want to work...
Posted 03:29pm 02/2/12
Actually swap what I said around. I'd typed my name into the what-type-of-card section. Anyway it seems you can also download the game now or at least the laucher of it after pre-ordering. Here's what my CC page looked like though.


Obviously i'd put my actual number in there though. You sure you got cash in the bank? lol

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Posted 03:34pm 02/2/12
Plenty of moocho :P Gah, this doesn't bloody work...WHY DO YOU HATE ME FATE, I WANT TO PLAY AN AWESOME GAME!!!
Posted 03:36pm 02/2/12
Final video. Lv 18 archer showing off 1 or 2 areas and what combat will be like for the class. Involves killing like 6 - 8 mobs at once so looks much more impressive to me than standing still like in WoW or something.

Posted 06:06pm 02/2/12
LOL! The bears in that last vid have the same sounds as the ones in WoW XD

Betting they came from a free sound library or something lol.
Posted 06:35pm 02/2/12
lol the running animation in that vid is ridiculous
Posted 09:02pm 02/2/12
Well, after trying my two debit cards, and my mothers credit card, still no luck in purchasing a digital copy. Will have to try a new account, but I submitted a ticket and hopefully they will get back to me.
Posted 11:53pm 02/2/12
This is apparantly the schedual for beta tests.

Closed beta schedule NA:

Closed Beta Test 1: February 10 – 12
Closed Beta Test 2: February 24 – 26
Closed Beta Test 3: March 9 – 11
Closed Beta Test 4: March 23 – 25
Closed Beta Test 5: April 6 – 8
Open Beta Test: April 19 – 22
Head Start: April 28 – May 1

So multiple, 2 - 3 day tests until the head start. Seems decent enough. Oh and the EU guys get to load the game right now, US (and by extension, us) can't just yet. Which is a shame as the game clocks in at 35 gb apparantly. F*** me.

EDIT - Oh also come cool new info. There are multiple looks for the same type of armor which are randomly picked when they drop/are crafted. Same for weapons. Also if you feel your character is showing too much skin (though I feel this will be always on in the US version, especially for elin) you can wear undergarments which cover your body up more. Also the armor you do wear looks different on every race so no more sea of exact same clothing. You can dye your armor for cash and can pick "hundreds" of colours. Finally you can take a cool item you like but think is ugly as hell and transfer the stats to a better looking one so again, cool feature.

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Posted 12:19am 03/2/12
I really hate edit limit some times. I hate double posting but anyway. Found this video of a Popori race'd Mystic soloing some high level elite, hydra thing.

Mystic is a pretty cool sounding race. They have multiple group buffs, can summon health/mana pots that stay on the floor until someone needs them, lots of curses and can summon temp creatures that help tank/dps/heal.

Second of all there is this Tour of the fairy forest. Loled hard at the turnip dude at the very beginning sounding like he is saying "hahaha f*** you"

Lastly in terms of size (which i'm sure everyone is wondering about) Skyrim is said to be about 16 square miles, Rift is 25, Vanilla WoW was about 80 and Tera is 92. That's pretty awesome.

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Posted 12:35am 03/2/12
lol the running animation in that vid is ridiculous

thought same. Runs bent forward, much the same as the female running in lineage2
Posted 09:59am 03/2/12
So I finally got to purchase my collectors edition. The problem? On my debit card information is have a middle initial, and thus it was not going through because I didn't put my middle initial in my first name.

Anyways, all that info DM sounds wicked, read it before and it's what made me super excited. That and there is two ways to control a town of your own, politics or war. The whole system is really diverse, and it looks like they are really going to a lot of trouble to make it interesting and very western.
Posted 06:06pm 03/2/12
Just learned that there is group/raid/guild duelling. So say there was a QGL guild we could declare war on another guild and have friendly fights where 1hp = you lose like in WoW or have flat out deathmatches. I forsee many many alts deciding on classes come beta tests.
Posted 09:23pm 03/2/12
i like TERA's environments, but i'm really put off by the anime looking characters. they look so out of place in the world.
Posted 10:20pm 03/2/12
Fairy forest looks like a giant clown exploded. The interface sounds like win 95 plus! Interested tho :D
Posted 10:25pm 03/2/12
There will be no raid content according to an FAQ I just read. Instead they will be making raid like 5man dungeons. Cool idea I think since a lot of people just never see the content because they cant find guilds to do it since you need 10+ people. Man I need to stop gushing about this game because I could be setting myself up for an epic fail of a disappointment.
Posted 02:34am 04/2/12
I think I am permanently burnt out on fantasy MMOs. Its same s***, different bucket for me. I wish Devs and publishers would try and step out of the EverQuest and WoW mould/shadow. I would say it is more my problem then they games themselves. I am probably jaded and only want something to fit with in my narrow definition of what an MMO should be like.

Edit: Did not see DM's post above this one about there being no raids. Though I would imagine that they would put some in later down the track.
Posted 09:35am 04/2/12
LOL! The bears in that last vid have the same sounds as the ones in WoW XDBetting they came from a free sound library or something lol.

Throughout all the videos posted here I recognised so many sounds from WoW... even the bag opening sound is the same lol.
Posted 10:14am 04/2/12
I think I am permanently burnt out on fantasy MMOs. Its same s***, different bucket for me. I wish Devs and publishers would try and step out of the EverQuest and WoW mould/shadow. I would say it is more my problem then they games themselves. I am probably jaded and only want something to fit with in my narrow definition of what an MMO should be like.

Edit: Did not see DM's post above this one about there being no raids. Though I would imagine that they would put some in later down the track.

I hear you on being burnt out, that's why I was frothing over SWTOR, awesome fun levelling but the endgame is a bit of a let down, raiding with some of the gang here has been fun though.

All the videos indicate grind city so far -.- looks exactly like liniage II (which I played a fair bit) with a new combat system.

Are the quests voice acted at all? is there a story line at all? or just kill giant crabs because they are bad?

Posted 11:09am 04/2/12
There seems to be a quest line for each race and class, and I don't believe there is voice acting, which I'm actually glad of. Sure voice acting is nice, but half the time I was skipping the voices to get to the actual quest.

What I like out Tera is they are getting out of the fantasy mould. Real time combat, dodging, player housing, guild vs guild, pvp is actually interesting to me, politics can actually allow you to run a village, guild banks, guild housing, realm vs realm, and the best one is player collision models.
Posted 11:34am 04/2/12
player collision is bad in pve.

it's pretty good for pvp though.
Posted 11:43am 04/2/12
Depends. When it's against friendly targets yes it annoys the s*** out of me. Against enemies not so much. Like TF2 rules. You can pass through friendlies but not enemies though i'm not sure that's what they are doing here.
Posted 12:17pm 04/2/12
Similair. You can pass through friends but not enemies. Also it's turned off in cities.
Posted 01:02pm 04/2/12
I'd be expecting grind city if its an asian MMO, I mean, one of the videos in this thread is even about grinding.
Posted 02:18pm 04/2/12
Apparently it has little grind, with a few people saying even the Asian version you can get up to top level in about a week of game time. A month if your super duper casual. They have re-worked the whole game for the western audience, which to me sounds awesome. However, obviously it's your choice as to whether you like the look of it or not. My opinion and action is that I will be playing this, and no longer be playing SWTOR due to the linearity and lack of content that makes things interesting.

Edit: Here is a outline of the political system.

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