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Post by Dan @ 03:22pm 31/01/12 | 26 Comments
While other successful real-time strategy games of yesteryear have enjoyed recent sequels and remakes, when Brisbane-based developer Auran closed the doors following their ill-fated 2007 MMO Fury, it seemed like any chance of a similar revival for sci-fi RTS Dark Reign had gone with them.

However, it appears some fans had different plans as a port of the game has surfaced on Xbox Live Indie Games -- the indie games channel on the Xbox 360's Online Marketplace (thanks ShackNews).

Rather amazingly, developer Magnetar Games appears to have somehow received (the game's original publisher) Activision's blessing, license to use all the original assets and QA testing to boot.
Dark Reign Redux is a faithful remake of the original game, maintaining the same look and feel, and incorporating the many innovations that made the original game a top seller. Manage resources, build your army, design your attack, and guide your side to victory.
Dark Reign: Redux can be had for 400 Microsoft points on XBLIG, but there's also a free Silverlight-powered demo version for PC that can be played in your web browser over at Magnetar's official website. Engaging!

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Posted 03:25pm 31/1/12
Argh! This is almost tempting enough to make me install Silverlight.
Posted 03:27pm 31/1/12
Why the hate on silverlight trog? Can it give you computer aids?

Or is it like the Java thing.
Posted 03:33pm 31/1/12
I had silverlight forced on my work computer against my will yesterday and I thought why do I need this! I now see why..

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Posted 03:34pm 31/1/12
OMG this game was awesome <3, not sure how it would play with a controller on Xbox though...
Posted 03:51pm 31/1/12
Why the hate on silverlight trog? Can it give you computer aids?
I've just never installed it. Rather than derail the thread because of your massive Windows fanboyism and my massive dislike of Flash-like technologies though, let's just leave it there :P
Posted 03:59pm 31/1/12
Man dark reign was sooo ahead of it's time but all the total anihilation f***wits caused it to fail :(

Loved how you could set unit AI... like on a tank you could set it to shoot at whatever it wanted while it moved etc... was so awsome.

The units and cutscenes and storyline was soooo killer.

DR2 sucked balls.
Posted 04:15pm 31/1/12
Dark Reign is the only game I've ever worked on that got released! Only worked on the last ~3 months or so and then some follow-up stuff, but it was awesome fun and the team was rad. I worked at another game at Auran after that but it never really went anywhere despite a lot of really hard work by a lot of people.
Posted 06:08pm 31/1/12
Dark Reign > Total Stagnation

/end story
Posted 06:29pm 31/1/12
I prefered Dark Reign 2 ... I like building fences.
Posted 06:30pm 31/1/12
I prefered Dark Reign 2 ... I like building fences.
Err, the original had walls and bridges.
Posted 06:39pm 31/1/12
I remember playing the Dark Reign demo, and thinking it had a kickass soundtrack, but I disliked that there were no other sounds. Turns out my brother had a random CD in the disc drive, and the game played the music from it at full blast. It took more than 1 play session for me to realise this.
Posted 06:46pm 31/1/12
I like building fences.

Speaking of which, building bases is what RTSs are awesome for, imo. My total annihilation bases were so damn rad, the commanders always had super protected walled-in spots patrolled by elite lightning robots because the manual said that they did such a thing :/. This made sparrow quit in tears, base building ftw. :P
Posted 06:48pm 31/1/12
ahhh the good old days when games used to play audio tracks from the game CD haha...



such horrible uncompressed waste of data...

the DR1 soundtrack was amazing. used to play with CD in. the very first game where i played the pirated copy and then saved up and brought the legit copy...

sooo many mods and maps for it... they even gave you the AI editor! WAY ahead of it's time with modding and addon support/editors.

such amazing artwork and tech tree...

sigh. such a good game :( why did TA get such a big fanbase compared... it didnt deserve it at all.
Posted 07:12pm 31/1/12
So remember the map creator on this puppy. Made a map that caused the old pentium machine to go to a standstill it was so big and involved.
Posted 07:40pm 31/1/12
Playing this again via the web-browser version...

initial things that come back to me about htis game

- The PAINFULLY slow menus when starting a game lol (not during game... just in the menus when you first start the game there is this big clear cube that while it looks good, moves sooooo slowllllyyy its painful lol)

- The amazing pathing and AI configurations you could do with units. You could actually tell them to go 'harass' enemy units (they would run around and attack but when they got low they would come back to base). you could also tell them to search and destroy (they would roam and if they found something, follow it and kill it). The AI system allowed you to configure units ability to think for itself (attack without you telling it to) and to run away when it got low etc. Good micro managing in this game was about planning ahead and setting your units AI correctly ... before a fight. then micro managing during a fight. You could tell a unit to have 'medium' independence and it would shoot at stuff while you moved it, so you could have an army of tanks moving through bush and shooting at stuff from the tree line as you backed away. Unlike in starcraft where it's either shooting or moving - boooooring /yawn.

- The pathing system in this game existing in a time when NO rts's had a pathing system. you could not only give it a path to follow but you could also tell it to move in formations and set formations, give it a unit to follow and protect (you could tell units to follow a harvister, they would keep out of its way but if something attacked it they would attack it back etc while the harvister run away)

- The terrain was the most amazing. They had swams that slowed units down, they had units that could navigate things like water (such as a hover tank and a boat etc) when RTS's didnt have things like that (that got slowed down on terrain etc)

Most amazing game... so far ahead of it's time. I really wish the TA fanbase wasn't so large and the TA launch overshadowed the DR launch :(

What a brilliant design team. I don't think DR EVER crashed on me either. Not once. And I played so much of this game I wore out the game CD and had to burn a mates lol.

The multiplayer was amazing with a game lobby system in place (from a central server) but also they gave out the lobby server to fansites to run their own and they also allowed direct connection so if you didnt want to use a central lobby server you didnt have to, you could just play with mates. You could SAVE and LOAD multiplayer games just like singleplayer games. You could lan or play over modem with a mate, then when you wanted to call it a night resume the next day - this was UNHEARD of in a RTS game!

Oh man im having so much fun replaying this game...

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Posted 07:37pm 31/1/12
Ah! The music, the sound effects, the nostalgia!

God I use to spend hours in the map creator. Setup some seriously epic fights that lasted days.
Posted 10:00pm 31/1/12
I worked at another game at Auran after that

That wasn't a sword fighting game by any chance? I remember going in to Auran's studios as a part of a small focus testing group for some adventure type game with sword fighting & the like. Can't say I ever remember seeing it make the light of day either..
Posted 10:45pm 31/1/12
what web browser version? link
Posted 10:52pm 31/1/12
KKND extreme > all
Posted 11:00pm 31/1/12
what web browser version? link
It's in the first post.
Posted 12:42am 01/2/12
I started playing DR when I was 16 years old :), played for 7 years still love this games, I had played tho online multiplayer its about 140 ppls was online in 1998-1999

I still got cd of it and expansion too.

gog.com still got them will work on windows 7. dark reign and expansion together just 9.99, also it have dark reign 2 using 3D games for 5.99

DR and Exp

dark reign 2


Dark Reign will be 15th year old on August 31 this year.

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Posted 12:46am 01/2/12
DR was cool, but come on, TA was fricken awesome!

Posted 11:51am 01/2/12
Dark Reign 2 was Activision I'm fairly sure, and they owned the rights to the name etc, so a DR sequel has never relied on Auran anyway.
Posted 03:37pm 01/2/12
Blahnana yes correct, didnt play Dark reign 2 very much but did in beta version.

also didnt play TA very much too.
Posted 04:10pm 01/2/12
That wasn't a sword fighting game by any chance? I remember going in to Auran's studios as a part of a small focus testing group for some adventure type game with sword fighting & the like. Can't say I ever remember seeing it make the light of day either..
Nah. We are talking like, 1999 here. Before swords were invented.
Posted 06:17pm 01/2/12
Dark Reign was such a good game I always thought but back then C&C and Total Annihilation were the RTS kings so no one payed attention to much else.
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