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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 12:43pm 31/01/12 | 2 Comments
Facing the ever-popular modern concept of videogame immortality, without context, seems silly when you think about it. No one could ever just hide for a few seconds after being shot and then get back on their feet and into the fight. But it happens in most current games, and no one seems to mind.

It's cool then when certain developers see this and broach it. Whether it's in old-school permanent health deterioration, health-pack collection or writing the main character as a cursed immortal - destined to walk the Earth, but never dying, such as the protagonist in NeverDead.

James "Jickle" O'Connor tackles this idea and the interesting gameplay opportunities it presents for us, and you can see what he thought of the game by clicking right here.

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Posted 12:55pm 31/1/12
Hmmm basing this score off the last few games reviewed here at ausgamersgamers unwrapping this release should give me herpes.
Posted 12:58pm 31/1/12
and no one seems to mind.

I think a few of us would dispute that...

Hell, the very first line in the review disputes that!

A common complaint levelled at modern action games is that many playable characters refuse to die.
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