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Post by Dan @ 12:41pm 31/01/12 | 15 Comments
As Korean MMO TERA approaches its Western launch in Europe and North America in May, we've recently had confirmation that although the game is not currently slated for an Australian/New Zealand retail release -- Aussie customers will be able to purchase the game online and play on International servers. However it seems that not all regions will be so fortunate as publisher En-Mass Entertainment have outlined a regional IP blocking policy for their North American servers (thanks massively).
To keep the quality of service high for players within North America we have decided to disable IP addresses from which fraudulent traffic originates. We encourage players in these regions to participate on servers specifically designated for their area.

We block IP addresses used by hackers

En Masse will block IPs based on region. Asia, Africa, Russia, and the Middle East are included on the block list. While we appreciate that there are players in these regions who would enjoy playing on En Masse servers, it's unfortunate that the vast majority of Internet traffic we see from these regions are from cyber-criminals relating to account theft, gold-farming and other hacking behavior.
Similarly, if you regularly make use of latency-reducing proxy services when playing US-hosted MMOs, you might be out of luck with TERA:
Services that promise to improve your ping and decrease lag may sound promising, but they are frequently used by hackers and criminals who want to remain anonymous. Although we do not block them by default, a proxy or server host will be blocked if it becomes a popular tool for criminal behavior.
Hacking and gold-farming are obviously major problems for MMOs and the stability of their in-game economies, but is firewalling off entire countries from an online game really a reasonable solution? At least Australia is still on the whitelist for this one, but it's pretty lousy for any legit gamers in Russia and the Middle East.


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Posted 04:16pm 31/1/12
Protecting their demographic, I don't really have an issue with it.
Posted 04:35pm 31/1/12
Wait, so australians can play on the US servers right but can't use any ping lowerers? Hope they have a SWTOR style low ping then or else it'll be useless for australians. Also what's up with claims that this has "REAL TIME COMBAT" which seems to be everywhere this game is mentioned. I thought that's what even WoW had, you know, not turned based = real time to me.

EDIT - Ok I looked up some gameplay clips on youtube and found this

Gotta say the UI is quite impressive, specifically the action bars. No clutter, no massive graphics just clean, square buttons with clear countdown numbers for stuff you can't use. Impressed. But since this is a korean based mmo i'm worried that past the first 1/4 of the game it'd turn into a massive grind fest.

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Posted 04:48pm 31/1/12
What they mean by real time combat is that it's not so much a hotkey game, you swing the weapons freely to hit your targets and you can dodge/block attacks manually. Usually referred to as an action style of gameplay rather than a hotkey style of gameplay.

This of course could suck really bad if you have lag.
Posted 04:57pm 31/1/12
From what I can read there isn't a targeting system since most attacks seem to be AoE or ranged. I guess this is what they mean that if you can dodge the attack with a backdash or sidestep you take no damage. This may break the game for the Australian market if pings are bad.

EDIT - Archer class gets a crosshairs so your arrows will go where you point that, Lol I'm liking the sound of this game more and more I read about it.

EDIT 2 - UI shot from the official site. This I feel is a real sexy looking interface and doesn't feel clogged up with crap. LOVE the minimap in the bottom right hand corner

last edited by DM at 16:57:11 31/Jan/12
Posted 05:05pm 31/1/12
the mmo horse riding game did this... the cowboy/indian type one ...

all attacks are direction based and you could jump out of hte way ... aka mage fires a 'fireball' at you... you step to the left a few times and you dodge it...

unlike in wow when the mage gets the fireball away it literally 'homes' in on you untill it reaches you. there is no way you can dodge it via movement.

i've had spells in wow chase me after i've hopped on a griffen... they followed me through two zones :/


thinking about it now the weirdest s*** in wow is how there is no movement based dodging of projectiles and how projectiles really arn't projectiles... they are 'player seeking abilities' that always arrive at their target eventually...

oh that and the fact you kill something... and it comes back a few seconds later for the next guy to kill. so lame... yet we take it for granted these days :-/
Posted 05:12pm 31/1/12
i really don't get why its so hard to stop gold farmers... why dont they just make sure you have to bind your account to one of the following?

- A social security number (or australian tax number)

- A valid credit card number (the card gets credited or charged a random small amount and you need to confirm it)

Posted 05:16pm 31/1/12
In most (if not all) korean MMO games you do indeed need a social security number to sign up and play. How non koreans get into the games then is beyond me but that's another story.
Posted 05:19pm 31/1/12
I don't understand the big deal with IP blocking. They're not blocking the service, they're blocking a server.
Posted 05:33pm 31/1/12
- A social security number (or australian tax number)

Umm your TFN is a seriously private number. How the f*** do you not know that?!
Posted 05:38pm 31/1/12
Social security number would be worse, you can pretty much get a credit card with only that number and your name..
Posted 05:56pm 31/1/12
Umm your TFN is a seriously private number. How the f*** do you not know that?!
it's gamer lolz.
Posted 06:20pm 31/1/12
Tera is being redesigned for the western markets. Apparently its been fully revamped, new quests, new content, new mechanics etc. Definitely an MMO I will be playing.
Posted 06:24pm 31/1/12
Yeah I didn't know much about it until I saw this thread so i've been looking at videos and it seems awesome as hell. Love the idea of being able to dodge attacks simply by moving and combat requiring a brain. If your still going to play it come release we should roll same server. Archer for me by the looks of things.
Posted 07:15pm 31/1/12
Are we going to get it down here? and when?
Posted 07:37pm 31/1/12
Are we going to get it down here? and when?

Digital purchase only for us, no clue when.
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