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Post by Dan @ 11:50am 25/01/12 | 9 Comments
Late last year Sony's hardware division revealed a new device that piqued the interests of the tech-enthusiast community -- a wearable display packing two HD OLED screens and surround sound for head-mounted 3D HDMI-connected viewing. The HMZT1, marketed as the "Personal 3D Viewer" launched in Japan in November and was more recently priced for a US launch in February, but Sony have now let us know that it is actually coming to Australia soon as well.
The HMZT1 boasts a wide horizontal viewing angle of 45 degrees by incorporating an optical lens that suppresses unwanted aberration and distortion. This puts a cinema style virtual screen in front of the viewer’s eyes, creating the equivalent of a 750-inch screen (virtual viewing distance 20m).

The design of this device is such that it results in a feeling of deep immersion with any information unrelated to viewing being isolated. Light from below the HMZT1 can also be intercepted by using the accompanying light shield (shade plate), thereby further enhancing the feeling of being in a movie theatre for the viewer.
Sony have set the Australian RRP at AUD$899 (in contrast to the USD$799 North American RRP) and will be accepting pre-orders from January 27th 2012 via the online store -- no other Australian retailers were mentioned in the media release.

We're yet to try one out for ourselves, but the device has been receiving some warm welcomes from the gadget and games community, including id Software programming legend John Carmack who tweeted "Sony HMZ-T1 OLED displays are excellent:1280x720 real pixels with no resampling, great color, response so fast I notice new artifacts".

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Posted 12:35pm 25/1/12
I'm very interested in checking these tings out at some point. There is already a bunch of vids on Youtube with people modding and customising these things. Check this bloke out.
Posted 01:01pm 25/1/12
Awesome, there are many user opinions gushing about the iq and total immersion experienced with these especially in 3d posted on the official thread on neogaf. The only downside most people agree on are how flimsy and uncomfortable it is to wear. Just the fact that it's coming to Australia seems to bode well for them to make a more refined and comfortable one hopefully.
Reverend Evil
Posted 01:05pm 25/1/12
This would be good to play tricks on people since they can't see anything else in the room. When someone has the googles on, everyone else in the room could strip down naked and then when the user takes the googles off, hilarity ensues.
Posted 01:11pm 25/1/12

Is it vodka day again already?
Posted 02:02pm 25/1/12
Wow rev
Posted 02:51pm 25/1/12
Carmack also said they have a high latency. If thats true theyre no good for gaming. Hopefully Sony develops a firmware fix for that.
Posted 02:55pm 25/1/12
Hmm, E.T the only problem with that video is how little the gun really moves. Maybe it's just with COD though. Wonder what BF3 would be like...
Posted 10:43pm 25/1/12
Did anyone say porn? XD
Posted 10:47pm 25/1/12
Carmack also said they have a high latency. If thats true theyre no good for gaming. Hopefully Sony develops a firmware fix for that.

Depends what kind of gaming really, minecraft or something 'immersive' might be aright.

But eh, it costs almost as much as a whole computer.
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