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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 09:07am 25/01/12 | 9 Comments
Popular by its own merits as it is, there's no denying Notch's LEGO inspiration within the Minecraft framework. From the blocky, LEGO-esque characters and square-world aesthetic, to the game's construction and crafting gameplay foundation and beyond, LEGO is unequivocally a part of Minecraft's DNA.

It's no wonder then that Mojang submitted Minecraft to the LEGO Cuusoo site for review consideration, and it's equally no wonder said submission quickly racked up the 10,000 votes needed to see it move to the LEGO Review - the final stage before LEGO upper management can greenlight a full-fledged production line based on the idea submitted.

"Until now, the project has been in the LEGO Review - a stage before product development begins where a LEGO Jury evaluates the idea's feasibility as a product and makes a decision," reads a post on the Cuusoo site. "We're happy to announce that the Minecraft project on LEGO CUUSOO has passed the LEGO review and we are now developing a concept that celebrates the best aspects of building with the LEGO system and in Minecraft. We can’t wait to show it to you — but it isn't ready just yet. These things take time, so we appreciate your patience. More details are to come."

Would you go out and actually pick up a LEGO set based on Minecraft? Drop us a note in the Comments to let us know.

Source: Kotaku.

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Latest Comments
Posted 09:27am 25/1/12
sweet, sounds like something i would have at the pc
Posted 09:50am 25/1/12
you could do that on your own by just buying a box of assorted bricks like this
Posted 09:55am 25/1/12
Yeah, I was thinking the same thing Wet. It's not like MineCraft has a whole lot of detail... just a bunch of assorted blocks.
Posted 10:00am 25/1/12
Full circle right here
Posted 11:20am 25/1/12
I'm expecting minecraft painted blocks pumpkins and what not, nothing new.
Maybe a concept of 1 out of x boxes has a diamond block etc
Posted 12:04pm 25/1/12
My youngest son would be all over this. I can feel my wallet getting lighter already...
Posted 12:12pm 25/1/12
My youngest son would be all over this. I can feel my wallet getting lighter already...
buy him some angry birds plush toys too
Posted 01:38pm 25/1/12
But not a car, never a car.
Posted 05:40pm 25/1/12
then they can make a minecraft mod... legocraft. where the blocks look like the minecraft lego blocks.
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