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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 11:44am 24/01/12 | 5 Comments
THQ has sent through word they've slashed all digital download PC prices on ShopTHQ by 50% right through till the end of January.

The following were available via our press release, but you can find more by clicking right here.With sequels to both Darksiders and Metro 2033 due this year, anyone who hasn't picked up either of these could do well to grab them now at a discount. Meanwhile, the Saints pack is a decent bargain, but remember, you only have until January 31st to get in on the sale.

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Latest Comments
Posted 12:23pm 24/1/12
They want $120 for Saints Row 3 when its full price?

What a bunch of d****!

edit - checked the prices and I cant find the deal you mentioned, I just see SR3 for $40 @ 50% off and the season pass for $20 with no discount.
Posted 12:29pm 24/1/12
I just see SR3 for $40 @ 50% off and the season pass for $20 with no discount.
And what do those amounts come to when you add them together? It does seem odd they don't have a specific discounted bundle for it though.
Posted 12:43pm 24/1/12
Pretty sure these were cheaper on steam during the sales.
Posted 12:47pm 24/1/12
Homefront for $30. lol. GTFO.
Posted 02:47pm 24/1/12
I added in our price comparison pages so you can compare to how this, uh, compares with the rest of the world.
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