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Post by Dan @ 04:29pm 18/01/12 | 10 Comments
Rockstar have announced release dates for Max Payne 3, the upcoming sequel to Remedy Entertainment's popular noire-themed, bullet-time action games, currently in the works in-house at Rockstar.

Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 will see the game on May 15th 2012 in North America, with Europe (and Australia) three days later on May 18th, whereas the PC version is due to arrive two weeks later on May 29th in the US and June 1st for the rest of us.

While it's not great news that a PC version will trail the console release, it's better than L.A. Noire's six month wait and Red Dead Redemption's complete no-show on the desktop platform, so we can't complain too much.

Stay tuned tomorrow as Rockstar have promised another new behind the scenes video, focusing on design and technology.

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Latest Comments
Posted 04:42pm 18/1/12
Better not be another s*** port.
Posted 04:53pm 18/1/12
two reasons i can think of for pc being delayed a couple of weeks

1. it's a s***** port and they need the extra time to polish

2. they're releasing it earlier on console so they get a few more sales before the inevitable pirating of the pc version.

i hope it's 2.

last edited by ravn0s at 16:53:37 18/Jan/12
Posted 04:54pm 18/1/12
they got to swap all the "Press (X) and Press (Y) button" intructions with "Press [SPACE] and press [ENTER]" that takes time yo!
Posted 05:02pm 18/1/12
Usually I'd be similarly jaded, but I think Rockstar's track record on their PC versions -- whether you want to call them ports or not -- has been reasonably solid. Then again, maybe that's because they took so much extra time for some of them.
Posted 05:07pm 18/1/12
Another score for console
Posted 07:01pm 18/1/12
The game will definitely be a port, rockstar don't make PC games. But generally rockstar's ports are acceptable.
Posted 07:07pm 18/1/12
Definitely getting this on console, the way it was meant to be played
Posted 08:58pm 18/1/12
There's still a lot of console piracy. Rockstars pc ports are a bit hit and miss for me. Some of the missions in the GTAs are horrible to do with a kb/mouse.
Posted 09:03pm 18/1/12
Yeah rockstar don't make PC games so this will of course be a port. However I think their porting record to PC is among the worst there is so I expect this to be utter s*** on the PC. I'd suspect there is just as much piracy on consoles as it has been said before, the copies are our weeks before any PC version becomes playable.

At least the PC gaming master race has valve and blizzard left.
Posted 09:07pm 18/1/12
they got to swap all the "Press (X) and Press (Y) button" intructions with "Press [SPACE] and press [ENTER]" that takes time yo!

And whats worse, they keep their A = run, jump, use, etc to a single bind instead of multiple binds as it should be for PC. Playing batman ATM and cant f*****g stand using space for sprint and use. Space = jump FFS.

As long as its not GTA4 all over again, im cool with the wait.
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