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Post by trog @ 01:43pm 18/01/12 | 6 Comments
Great news for retro fans - the original Syndicate game is coming to Good Old Games very very soon:
The legendary Syndicate will take over on the 19th of January.

The original sci-fi strategy Syndicate will be released on for $5.99 this Thursday. This gritty cyberpunk treasure shows up here with some bonus content: the game manual, dark SF artworks, and avatars.

As you can read in this review Syndicate is “A modern masterpiece. The self-respecting gamer should ensure they have Syndicate nestling snugly on the games shelf as soon as possible.” Follow the wise advice and get Syndicate in just two days for $5.99.
As with all GOG games, it will be DRM-free. Excited?

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Posted 01:49pm 18/1/12
Awesome. I usually don't bother with old games, long since completed, but I think I'll make an exception for Syndicate.

Syndicate Wars on the horizon!?
Posted 02:20pm 18/1/12
Heh, no complaints but they should be charging $9.99 for it since it's a bloody good game and one of the most wanted on GOG.

Although they whipped the fans into a frenzy when they announced on twitter something like "one of the most requested games starting with S is coming..." and everyone thought they were getting System Shock or its sequel.
Posted 09:11pm 18/1/12
Oh god. The thought of System Shock 1 & 2 setup to run on current systems? Screw the backlog, if they came out I'd be getting straight into those like wildfire!
Posted 09:26pm 18/1/12
Scweeet might buy it and have another crack at it.
Posted 03:54pm 19/1/12

I'm loving GOG's tastes in hunting down the right old-school games and breathing new life into them. I must own about 60% of GOG's catalogue now :P

No mention of American revolt which is a bit of a downer (fyi 'WC Privateer' doesn't come with its 'Righteous Fire' expansion either :( )

I funkin LOOOOOOVE the music from this game (and also the Skrillex remix for the sequel)

and hells yea darkjedi, System Shock 1+2 FTW!
Posted 12:05am 20/1/12
Aww yeah :) Persuadatron-ing the entire town to act as my meatshields while I then try to persuade enemy agents onto my team. Can't wait until I get Gauss Guns.
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